Revolution 2, United 2 -- quote sheet



On the result:
"I am disappointed with the result yes, but this is all soccer truth. Truth is, if you do not finish your chances. We were supposed to finish this game long before the second goal for New England happened. We had many chances, Eskie [Alecko Eskandarian], Jaime [Moreno], and Earnie [Stewart]. At the end of the game Dema [Kovalenko] missed his chance and we got lucky not to lose this game. It is disappointing, but it goes on. We can not give the goals so easy. You can talk about tactics you can talk about substitutions, but it was too easy. If we are going to give the goals like we gave today, than it's too easy. As far as this goal, we are going to talk about that and make things better.

"Jaime was on fire today. We have Freddy [Adu], Eskie and others finish their chances."

On New England:
"We knew that New England would come today and they would look for their counters, they scored three goals against Dallas like that. We know that you need to score the first goal and then as far as the response to the first goal, they scored a very nice goal and then we countered right away and scored a very nice goal. If you do not finish you will get punished."

On the team signing Christian Gomez:
"Christian was our choice for the next four months because we believe that he is going to make a difference, especially in our midfield. We need someone that is going to create the chance, who is going to be the engine in the midfield, even though we have a very good midfield line right now. Christian is going to be another option. He brings a different style. We need a player who is going to keep the ball rolling so he is going to perfect in this [team]."

On Freddy Adu:
"Freddy played very well in the past two games. I am very happy with him."

On the game:
"The game was very important to both teams. I think the game against Colorado showed us what kind of potentials we need. There are a lot of games we will play against our rivals in the conference and next week in Columbus is another game. This is sudden death right now. This kind of mentality we have to bring to every game."


On the game:
"It was scrappy. It wasn't quality soccer. It was one of those games where you try to get a foot in, put the effort in, put the work in. Unfortunately it didn't go our way tonight. "

On the weather conditions:
"It affected us the same way as it affected them. You try to play through it - at times it got us in trouble - but I think overall it didn't affect too much of the play. "


On scoring two goals (11th career two-goal game):
"It would have felt great if we would have won. I'm very disappointed for the result. Goals are very important for a forward, so it's O.K., but it would have been great if we could have won."

On the weather conditions:
"It's never easy to play in those conditions. I think if we had just made fewer mistakes, we could have won easily."

On entering the stretch run:
"We know that we have to keep playing and keep working. It's going to take a lot of work, trying to cut down on our mistakes."


On his team's performance:
"You can't ask for any more. We said it was going to be a night where whoever wanted it most was going to win it. With the conditions it was always going to be open, there would be mistakes that would lead to things. It was a case of 'Who wants to stand up and be counted,' and we showed bundles of [desire] tonight."

On the difference in possession from the first and second half:
"We got a little bit deep [in the first half] which always makes it hard when you actually end up winning the ball, because you're so close to your own goal that you're just encouraging them to keep coming on top of you. The guys in the back and the middle sorted it out and we got good position and managed to get a goal out of it."

On the performance of Andy Dorman:
"So far so good, he's done well."


On his goal:
"Richie [Baker] whipped in a great ball, and Shalrie [Joseph] brought it down and knocked it to the side. I just pushed out and got a foot to it. I think it picked up a little pace off the wet surface and went in."

On the result:
"It keeps our unbeaten streak going. Hopefully we can keep it going and move up the table along with it. I don't know how the other teams got on today, but it was a crucial point for us."


On the result:
"Definitely. We're on a little bit of an unbeaten streak here; we've done a good job of getting points the last five games. It's important for us. The second half we came out with a little bit more fire and battled a little bit harder. We had a chance to get the result but it just didn't go in."

On his play:
"I think from playing on the field a bit, I can kind of anticipate where the through balls are going and where the runners are coming from. I think that's definitely helped my game a lot."

On the effects of the result:
"I think this road trip has [pulled this team together]. Any time you can go two games in a week and get four points, any team would take that. We're building momentum, we're getting points. We need to keep getting more and more, and hope that the other teams in the East keep giving us daylight."

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