Rapids 2, Burn 1 -- quote sheet



On the importance of the win:
"This was a vital, vital result for us. I felt a sense in the locker room of whether they really believed that they would be able to do it. Because Dallas had stolen the game and we had not played well last time, there were a lot of obstacles ahead of us. It was great to see them overcome it and gain the confidence that they really can do it."

On the team's style of play in the second half:
"We created good chances in the first half, but when you go down a goal, we had to make a more offensive move by making the change with [Kyle] Beckerman and going with Jordan Cila. I think that Jordan did an outstanding job at linking players, and getting players to go forward. We went to a bit of a triangle in the middle trying to take away the center of the park. We knew that would imbalance us on one side, but we had to risk it hoping that we could go right through the center. We thought that if we could put [Mark] Chung and Jordan against [Simo] Valakari, their defensive midfielder - knowing that their center backs were preoccupied with our strikers - that we might be able to go more direct at them, that helped us change the game."


On the come-from-behind win:
"It is very important; we knew that in the first half we could be a couple goals up, but that wasn't to be. We missed a couple of chances. But I did feel comfortable. We were creating chances and I felt that we were going to create more and rightly so we came through. We managed to get two goals to win the game."

On how tight the Western Conference is:
"The conference is really incredible. The points are racking up, that is what is important. At the end of the day we can't worry about anyone but the Colorado Rapids. We have a game coming up against K.C. this week, so we can't dwell on this one too much. Two-to-one is the same as 6-1; it's three points."

On his goal:
"It was a nice to get a goal, especially since my son was sitting on the bench tonight watching the game. It was good to be on the score sheet. I can't believe it was my first goal at home this year at INVESCO Field, that's a little disappointing. I am just looking at the last couple of games, I've scored three goals in my last four games so I'm just trying to stay confident and finish off my chances."

On closing in on the team's all-time goal-scoring record (he is two away from tying Paul Bravo's record of 39 goals):
"If I was in double figures I'd be buzzing, but to be honest I am just trying to score goals for Colorado. It's hard enough right now to score goals, so I'm not focusing on breaking records. It would be nice if I break it, but if I don't, Bravo was a good player and my roommate for a year, so it's not a problem."


On his goal:
"To be honest with you, I haven't seen a replay. I am so elated right now; this team deserves a win. I am just happy that I was able to make a difference."

On what the win says about the team:
"This is a play-off team. In the last three or four games we have been able to put together some good soccer. If you saw it at the end of game everyone was fighting I think [Gary] Sullivan had to come in to save our butts. [Matt] Crawford had a hell of a game in the back. Joe [Cannon] was solid. I just can't say enough about our team right now."


On what he saw as the game's turning point:
"We had a chance to go 2-0 up in the second half and missed a sitter and we paid for it. You have to put those types of chances away."

On Colorado's play in the second half:
"They changed their system a little bit, brought [Jordan] Cila on in the center to run at us down the middle. We knew that they were going to come at us because they needed the result, but it was a disappointment to give it up the way it happened."

On the way his team played:
"We dominated in the first half, and could have put the game away but we didn't and kept them in it. In the second half we had one chance to go two up, and we should have been two up and the game would have been over."

On the Western Conference standings:
"The standings are so close, that we are going to be battling every week. We have got to go out and win them all."


On the game:
"We just didn't come out prepared in the second half. We talked about it. They worked hard to make it even. It was just a battle. We had a mental breakdown. I think it was a bad call by the ref to give a free kick at the top of the box, so that gave them a chance, and we knew [Nat] Borchers was tough in the air and he just beat our player to the ball and powered it past me."

On giving up the lead:
"In the first half we played really good soccer. We covered for each other. We had a lot of chances to score. We had some chances to score in the second half. When you keep it 1-0 if you don't put away a few chances it is going to come back to haunt you, and it did."

On moving on:
"We have to put this behind us and get ready for another game because we play L.A. twice, and we are going to have to get those points back."


On his goal:
"I knew Ronnie [O'Brien] was going to serve a good ball in the near post so I tried to make a good run there. The ball was in front of me, so I just put it away in the near post."

On the changes the Rapids made in the second half:
"They threw some more guys forward in the second half. The put three up top and tried to get as us, and we didn't do a good job dealing with that."