Quotes: Revolution 1, Chivas USA 0



On the win:
"I think tonight is a big step for us to be honest. After winning the last two games, it was important that we try to finish it off tonight. I thought the way we went about it was ideal. The reason we scored in the 88th minute was because the team stayed disciplined. We kept trying to do the things we wanted to do from the first minute and that's why we won again."

On the game plan:
"It was important that we kept up the confidence and kept trying to do what we have been doing since we started the season. It was a wet and heavy night. It was tough for them, because they came here to keep it tight, which encouraged us to get in their half, which makes it easier to run. I am really pleased with the way we stuck to our guns. Sometimes in a game like that, individuals start trying to win it on their own and they'll leave a hole and they will try to get us on the break, but that didn't happen. We stayed disciplined. We didn't leave any holes that they could attack us on. And we just kept pressuring them and pressuring them. We got the goal through, obviously a great cross from Marshall (Leonard) and a great header, but we got it through just being disciplined for the entire 90 minutes."

On not scoring until the 88th minute:
"I saw more frustration from myself than I did from the players. The players really stuck at it. They didn't panic. That's the biggest fear, that one or two players would try to win it on their own, which can leave holes. But we didn't. We kept disciplined and to me that was huge. For the third game in eight days, I thought we look strong."


On his fourth consecutive game-winning goal:
"Marshall (Leonard) was on the dribble, got a good ball in and I just made sure I put it on goal and that was all she wrote."

On his runs in the box:
"I just try to predict where I think the person on our team is trying to put the ball into the box. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't. It is just reading the game and trying to find yourself in the situation where you are most likely going to get it. So far, I have been fortunate enough to be on the end of those."

On scoring late in the game:
"It was a weight off of our shoulders. We were pounding them and pounding them, and they were absorbing so much pressure. If we would have come out tonight with a tie that would have felt like a loss to us, because we definitely dominated the game. For us to get the win and continue this run that we are having is the most important thing right now. We are just going to take it one game at a time and see how far we can take it."


On his game-winning assist:
"We were trying to get wide, push them right or push them left. I stood up Ezra (Hendrickson), I just got a little step on him and just bent it as hard as I could, just curled it around and Clint (Dempsey) was just on that far post and I prayed he would just head it in for me. (Hendrickson) has long legs. I didn't even beat him, really. I just got a little bit of space, so I could bend it."


On the win:
"All worth it, All worth it, because I thought we had the better of the play. We had a lot of good chances where we should have finished them off, but we didn't. We stuck with it though. Bad conditions, they had to play in the same conditions, but Clint (Dempsey) came up big in the end, great ball from Marshall (Leonard). It's a big win for us at home."

On the Revs' undefeated streak:
"It's good to finally have a couple of wins under your belt in the early part of the season instead of struggling with coming from behind like we were last year a lot, or giving up late goals in the half, or at the end of the game. Defense is playing solid and that's going to be the key to this team because we know we are going to finish the opportunities and get plenty of chances a game. We had plenty of them tonight and we were able to get one late and our defense kept them off the board."


On the loss:
"I haven't seen the stat sheet, but clearly the game was dominated by New England, but to a certain degree by design, we thought we could get out of here with the result, the result for us would have been a point against the Eastern Conference leaders and it would have been a positive. So yeah, getting scoring on in the 88th minute is tough, but in the end it's probably just and, I mean, they were clearly the better team."

On changing his formation to deal with the strength of New England's midfield:
"We felt that their strength, with Clint Dempsey, Shalrie Joseph, (Andy) Dorman, (José) Cancela later...That's a very strong three players who do very, very well interchanging and coming out of the midfield combined with (Pat) Noonan and (Taylor) Twellman, combined it is a balanced midfield and we felt we needed some numbers in there to stop it. At times we did and at times we didn't."

On the play of goalkeeper Brad Guzan:
"(Guzan) played unbelievable ... for him to bounce back after giving up a lot of goals in previous games, for the youngest goalkeeper ever, to come up huge, it was just very gratifying for us and needed to keep us in the game and very good for himself. He obviously still feels that he came up short, but at the end of the day that last goal, there was nothing you could do."


On the loss:
"They were tough conditions to play in. We were hoping for a point and were 3-4 minutes away from it. And it didn't happen tonight. We just have to regroup and get ready for next week."

On New England's domination in Chivas' end of the field:
"Obviously they did have a lot of chances, I don't exactly know why they had so many chances ... I couldn't even tell you. We needed to do something, we needed to get our first win."

On his confidence:
"You know, for me being 20 years old, with every game, every practice, me being comfortable in net and with the guys in front of me, my confidence increases tremendously. In the past four games, guys have been able to bail me out of situations and tonight I was able to bail them out of some situations and that's just my job. They rely on me and I need to be able to come up with saves now and then."

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