Quotes: MetroStars 3, Rapids 1



On the team's attitude:
"The team didn't perform all the way from the beginning of the match, we were too overconfident."

On the game plan:
"When you see a team that comes out with a lot of younger players and missing very important key players, we should have pressured them to make the mistakes, but we didn't."

On the team's final push:
"To pick up the pace in the last 10 minutes is not good enough -- absolutely not good enough. Not good enough for me and I hope it's not good enough for my players. We need to focus and play with the same intensity for the entire duration of the match."

On the space given to the MetroStars:
"We didn't close the spaces well at all even thought we talked about it prior to the game. We didn't do that. We gave them way too much room for them to turn around and face us. This is one of those games you have to get back and get to the video. If we work together on the field, things will work our way."

On the opponent's performance:
"Not only do we have to give them credit for their performance, but I think it's pathetic from our part, a lack of disposition that we had throughout the game."


On the importance of the victory:
"It's a really good effort. This team in the last two years has had a number of occasions when we were down and then the group on the night rose to the occasion and we talked about that beforehand and I just thought there were a lot of guys that really gave a great effort."

On the play of the defense:
"I think a lot of credit goes to Timmy Regan. He has does really good job in terms of taking a leadership role in the back, talking, helping organize. I think that goes a long way. Great to see Timmy work in his first start, get that under his belt. And I think he is going to continue to improve, so good things there."

On the play of Guevara:
"Really nice for Amado. I know he took the game last week very hard, very very disappointed to miss the penalty. He felt as though he had let the team down. Obviously there have been so many other days where he has come through for us, and to see him turn things around right away in the next game, three goals, really deserved and excited for him."

On injuries and playing the Rapids in Colorado:
"We talk about the things that we need to do well to win. We talk about raising the bar in terms of the kind of effort that we can put forward and we talked, again, a lot about the idea that we have been in this type of situation before. We've handled it well, and I think all those things came through."

On tonight's weather:
"For players, it's a great night to play. It's a terrific field here and when the field is a little bit wet, the play moves quickly around the field, and we talked before the game about the fact that our guys love watching games in the English Premiership and this is the kind of night to take the things you see in those games and put them into action for us."

On better passing in the final third of the field:
"Yeah, in some moments I think we did. There were some good lead up play and I see all sides. I see the things that are pretty good and I see the things that still to improve. But, in that respect, I was pleased all around with the effort and an important three points.

On Michael Bradley and Mark Lisi in the midfield:
"I think they have worked well together and, you know, there are plays there where one gets beat but the other comes in to cover and throughout the second half I thought they broke up some attacks with their play in that part of the field and hopefully we can keep building on that.


On his three goals and the win for the team:
"More than anything it's a blessing. I feel that I have to thank God first of all. I am very happy because I know my wife is watching and listening but thanks most to the whole team because they played very well today."

On the team's play:
"I think it's great because that's when you know that you have a good bench. I think the problem is really for the coach because knowing the guys on the bench are doing well, he's going to have a problem of who's going to start in the next game."


On the result:
"This is a big win for the club, after our three first games at home not getting a win. This was not really a must-win game but definitely a game that we needed to play well in and that is exactly what we did, and came out strong, had a good effort from everyone. This one feels good and now you just have to keep on building on it."

On Guevara:
"Amado played great. I think he's been doing well the past three games but this game he showed why he was the league MVP last year and he is on track to do it again this year if he keeps it up. He had a great game and hopefully he can keep playing well for us, because when he is playing well this team is definitely a better team."

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