Quote sheet: United 3, Quakes 0



On the team's play:
"The guys in the midfield made the difference tonight. But you can't forget about Jaime [Moreno], Christian [Gomez], and of course Freddy [Adu] who did very well. We made a step in the right direction after the Kansas City game and we just want to move on and do something special."

On Christian Gomez and his selection to the MLS All-Star team:
"It's great. Christian is very dangerous all around the goal and he connects the timing. He's a very special player on our team and everyone trusts him with the ball. We always welcome players like Christian on our team. He makes the right decisions and always plays with the sense to do something special. I love players who every pass they make is correct and every move is correct. Christian has done very well this year with us and he deserves it [the All-Star selection] 100 percent."


On tonight's game, compared to last week:
"We didn't die like we did in our last game [against Kansas City]. We didn't finish our chances [last week] and then at the end of the game we kind of died down and they had a little more of the ball and finished their one chance. But today, fitness was much better. We had some of the guys back, like Jaime [Moreno] and Christian [Gomez] was back in form."

On the fitness at the end of the game:
"Fortunately, today it rained a little bit so it wasn't as hot as the other day, but I think it was also that we didn't go out and run all over the place during the first half. We could save ourselves and we had a little more energy."

On playing with Moreno and Gomez:
"I think it was great, we work well together and everything was gelling. Playing with guys like Jaime and Christian is good because they play the same style that I play."

On scoring first:
"I think it made it easier for us because it gave us some confidence by getting on the board early. Tonight we played with a lot of energy. We were pretty upset about the loss at home, and we didn't concentrate the full 90 minutes last weekend."


On being a veteran on the team:
"I think that what I brought at my particular age is to show the young players here what I learned back in Argentina playing in the midfield. Short passes and moving forward. That's what I think I sort of brought to the team from Argentina. I scored a few goals in Argentina, but I like to score and move forward and attack and assist my teammates as well."

On being selected to the All-Star Game:
"I was really happy that I was selected to the go to the All-Star Game. Hopefully I'll get to contribute a little bit for the MLS side."


Comparing Christian Gomez and Marco Etcheverry:
"I think its been good playing with Christian. The difference is there and they're two very different players. They're both smart. Christian is a little more about scoring goals than Marco, who was also a good player."

On the upcoming game against Chelsea:
"I think these kind of games are great for everybody to have these types of games and get to play these European teams. It helps everyone to understand what it really takes to play that many games. It isn't going to be easy, but I think we prepared for that, and I think we're ready for that mentally and physically. I think we just have to go out there and prove to everybody that we have a good team and we can compete."

On maintaining consistent play:
"Playing like we played today - it's not easy to maintain that, but its what we're trying to find. To maintain that level is not easy, but that's what we've been working on."


On the team's play against United:
"Tonight was no excuse and it started with me and it just was not good enough today."


On coming back to play after representing Canada in the Gold Cup:
"I felt good, I felt good. I still wanted the ball and still wanted to change things in the game, but right when we were starting to push forward they got another goal which made it 2-0. The heads went down [after that] and we gave up another goal and that was basically it."

On wear and tear from international duty:
"It's definitely difficult, but I am a professional and you have to travel. This is not the first time I have done something like this before. I wanted to play and wanted to be involved. I tried to make things change and push up as much as possible to create some chances for the team. In the end I think everyone was fatigued including myself. It's hard to play under those conditions - wet grass and humidity with those matchups."


On the game:
"It was just an off night for us. I think you can have nights where one or two guys don't have enough left in the tank, and I think we had too many guys [like that tonight]. I don't think it was lack of effort, we were just running on empty tonight. After the last couple of weeks, with the traveling and games, just too many of us had off nights."

On the three goals scored against their defense:
"I feel like those came from our breakdowns, us not being as sharp as we should have been. We have done a good job the last few weeks of not giving up goals like that, communicating, and not giving them chances. Tonight we did not do as good a job. It was not any one player, it was just too many of us not as sharp as we wanted to be tonight."

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