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Quaranta: I love this game

Wednesday night (playing vs. Nottingham Forest) was awesome. I've missed it a lot. I've missed the game. I've missed the sweat and hard work. I've missed hearing the fans clapping. I've been through so much over the past two years that to be back on the field - playing - was thrilling.

What I've gone through with my injuries, I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. It's been a nightmare. During the preseason I was finally starting to see the light. My knee was feeling better, but things kept popping up. The training staff and I finally figured out what was wrong with my groin, but even after the surgery, things escalated.

The worst part of this whole situation was watching the games. I love soccer and playing. For me to come to the stadium every Saturday and watch the game knowing I wasn't going to play for a couple months was terrible.

Being hurt has given me a new perspective on the game. When I was younger, soccer was just something that came naturally and easy to me. Seeing how easy things can come and go with an injury has really changed my life. With my daughter and family, I've found a new love for the game. I've matured a lot as a person and a player, and I appreciate the game so much more.

Being on this team has helped. This team works hard every day. There are no egos in the locker room, everyone understands what they have to do to make the team a success. Peter (Nowak) and Tommy (Soehn) have been a great help, but it's not the only thing that drives me. This is my preseason. I was shooting for the 2006 World Cup, but the injuries have set me back. It's really hurt everything. The World Cup is still a dream of mine, and I'm going to keep working hard.

I love this game.

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