United fans spur their team on.
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Q&A: Superfan speaks

What are your impressions about D.C. United this season?

"I feel very good about the team. I really appreciate the 'team' concept that Coach Nowak has brought to us. I also think that certain players needed to have the discipline that we've lacked in prior years. We might have had technical expertise, we might have had motivation, but we haven't had discipline since (Bruce Arena). Now we've got that."

D.C. United has had some tough times over the last four seasons. What is it that keeps people like you coming out to the games with such great support?

"First of all, I would say that there some downs, but there were more positives than negatives. We've got some good young players joining us and they joined us in those bad years - Namoff as an example. We had a bunch of fans go down to Richmond just to say thank you when he was commuting back and forth, and we were trying to make the playoffs in 2002. He really appreciated that. He's becoming a stud out there, and I wish him the best."

"The other thing is that it's like some of those 'love' movies that you see. It's like where people fall in love. You can't help it. We love football. We are loyal. Therefore, we love D.C. United. It's now tattooed on our souls and we're going to be there."

The D.C. United fanatics are also for showing well on road trips. What is the motivation? Where does that much passion come from?

"One thing I should have mentioned earlier as to why we come to games is not only do we love the team, but in the low numbered sections of 134 and 135, we have a core of people there that are a lot of fun to be around. Every game is like a playoff game to an outsider, of course playoff games to us are a lot different, but we create that energy that goes eight sections around us that makes it like a playoff. Plus, I play the drums a little bit. At halftime, we form a drum circle from our sections, and it's become very popular. We enjoy going out there and playing for about ten minutes and keep the rhythm going - that's why we're sometimes a little quiet when we come back from the second half because we're exhausted from playing during halftime."

"Anyway, why do we spend our money to go on the road? The primary reason is D.C. United. American football and we're football fans. It's imprinted. They are our football team. The money aspect doesn't really enter into it, except when I just don't have enough to go someplace. But, if I have it . . . The money is there to be spent."

How far do you expect D.C. United go this year?

"You know me, I could give you a prediction, but it's not going to be worth anything. There's things like injuries. You've got Vaca, Guevarra, and Lisi for the Metros. Let's say Guevarra or Vaca goes down and they become a very ordinary midfield. But with them they have a very special midfield just like us. I think we have a better team overall. They have some solid players in certain positions, maybe better athletes, but I think our team is better overall. It's going to go down to the wire. We will make the playoffs. The initial match up will depend on who we match up against. We always seem to match up well against the Fire."

"You want a prediction? Well, we'll make the playoffs. If the team doesn't make the playoffs you will understand why not. They're going to give us their one hundred percent and make us proud."