Q&A with Miss LA Galaxy 2004

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    Marcella Prieto sat down with to answer questions that the fans recently submitted.

    Question: What's more of your type, A) Memo Gonzalez, B) Andreas Herzog
    --Gooner, Los Angeles, Calif.

    Marcella Prieto: I'd have to go with C) all of the above.

    Q: Since you have been Miss LA Galaxy, was this because you wanted to be a queen, princess or something like that?
    -- KC, Sun Valley, Calif.

    M.P.: Being just a "regular" princess had never been a dream of mine, although being a princess for the Galaxy was something I've wanted since I was a little girl (or at least, since 1996).

    Q: Has this opportunity changed or made an impact in your personal and professional life? What is the thing(s) you enjoyed about being Miss LA Galaxy?
    -- Mari, Los Angeles, Calif.

    M.P.: Being Miss LA Galaxy has been a learning experience, from learning about the media and press, to marketing and promotion. What I value the most, and what I will take away from this experience once it's over, is the personal contact I've made with such a large fan base. It has definitely been the most memorable part of this truly unique experience.

    Q: Will you rule with an Iron Fist as your reign comes to a close?
    -- Sean, Los Angeles, Calif.

    M.P.: Even if I had an iron fist instead of a crown, I don't think I'd use it.

    Q: Do you currently attend college? What are your future plans?
    -- John, Calif.

    M.P.: I graduated from Harvard last June and now that I'll have more time on my hands, I'm going to apply to law school, and maybe in the future run for public office.

    Q: will you marry me and by doing so, obtain your own live puppet for life???
    -- Leonardo, Pomona, Calif.

    M.P.: I'll have to think about that one, but I sure wouldn't mind. =)

    Q: After being Miss LA Galaxy 2004, what's your major goal for next year?
    -- Gilbert, Monterey Park, Calif.

    M.P.: Getting a scholarship to go to law school.

    Q: How is your marital status?
    -- Chase, Mansfield, Texas

    M.P.: My marital status is doing just fine.

    Q: Who has the better dreadlocks, Cobi Jones or Joseph Ngwenya?
    -- Tee, Los Angeles, Calif.

    M.P.: Speaking just about their dreads, I'm a huge fan of the tried and true, but out with the old and in with the new ...

    Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
    -- Luis Garcia, Los Angeles, Calif.

    M.P.: I wish I could answer that one truthfully.

    Q: What has been your most memorable moment as Miss LA Galaxy 2004?
    -- Eddie, El Monte, Calif.

    M.P.: I would have to say, among many others, it was appearing next to Cienfuegos at the downtown Hispanic Heritage festival. He was so genuinely nice and happy to see the fans. It was an honor to even be mentioned in the same sentence, let alone sitting next to him signing autographs!

    Q: As an ambassador, what is your greatest reward?
    -- Danny, Orange, Calif.

    M.P.: It's definitely been meeting fans personally all over LA. It's so exciting and energizing to see that the Galaxy have fans everywhere.

    Q: What exactly do you do? Is it a full-time job? Why are you wearing a crown?
    -- William, Pasadena, Calif.

    M.P.: Being Miss LA Galaxy is a volunteer job that I do in my free time. The best part about the job is meeting all the fans and supporting our team at community events and at the games. I've also been fortunate enough to be on the field during the games and interview a few of the players.

    Q: Now that you have been the queen of the best soccer team in the world, isn't the rest of your life going to be sort of a gigantic let down?
    -- Benny, Los Angeles, Calif.

    M.P.: Absolutely.

    Q: Do you ever go out with the players?
    -- Luke, Carson, Calif.

    M.P.: I stick to my personal rule of not going out with anyone I work with.

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