Jeff Cassar says 'goalkeeper' is another word for 'crazy'. No argument here.
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Q&A with goalkeeper Jeff Cassar had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Cassar to ask him about last season, his favorite city to play in and what he plans on doing when his soccer playing days are over. You were one of the bright spots for the Burn last season, what do you credit that to?

Jeff Cassar: "I credit a lot of last season to the goalkeeping coaches. Both Krys Sobieski before he got sick and Jan Van Beveren kept us working and gave us great drills during the season. Both coaches were great with helping us keep our focus throughout the season. Also, the confidence all the coaches had in me really helped me this year." What are your thoughts on the new stadium that is being built in Frisco and do you believe that this stadium will be a tough place for opponents to play in?

Cassar: "It's definitely going to be a tough place to play for opponents. The other day I was telling somebody just how awesome our fans are. They're the best fans in the league. We just need more of those fans. When we get more fans at the matches, it's going to be awesome and will really be an advantage for us over our opponents." What is your favorite city to play in and why?

Cassar: "I love all the cities we play in and can find a reason for each one. But if I had to choose just one, I would take Columbus. That was the first soccer specific stadium and the fans up there are just great. It's an exciting place to play. The people up there really know soccer and it's a fun atmosphere to play in. Also, with me being from the Midwest, I get the chance to see my family when we go up there." What has been your best day as a soccer player?

Cassar: "I would say my best day as a soccer player was the day I got drafted in MLS. Growing up my dream was to become a professional player. It was the first year for the league back in 1996 and was just a really proud moment for me as a player." What would you like to do when you retire from playing soccer?

Cassar: "I would love to play three or four more years, if I have that opportunity to do that. I've done a lot of thinking on that topic and one thing I would love to do is stay here with FC Dallas in some capacity. Watching the club grow and the game grow here would be ideal with the new stadium in Frisco." With Thanksgiving approaching, what are you thankful for?

Cassar: "I'm thankful for my family. They are the ones that are always there for me and make me feel good. From my parents to my brother and sister, and the fact that I am an uncle and a father, I have a lot to be thankful for in my life."

WORD ASSOCIATION gave Jeff Cassar a word or phrase and he responded with the first thing that came to his mind.

1. Goalkeeper = "Crazy."
2. FC Dallas Fans = "Dedicated."
3. Eddie Johnson = "Incredible."
4. 2005 MLS Cup in Frisco = "Exciting."
5. Brian Haynes = "Caring."