FC Dallas defender Cory Gibbs hopes to remain a part of the U.S. national team.
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Q&A with FC Dallas defender Cory Gibbs

FCdallas.net had the opportunity to sit down with Cory Gibbs to ask him about his offseason, his most memorable soccer match and the reasoning behind his number choices in this week's Q&A.

FCdallas.net: What have you been doing with yourself this offseason?

Cory Gibbs: "Right now I've been trying to do my best at staying focused and staying on top of things. I've taken a few days off, but I doing some training without burning myself out. It's really important at this time in my career for both the national team and FC Dallas. I'm doing the little things to keep my body in shape and stay toned."

FCdallas.net: How did you feel your first season in MLS went for you personally?

CG: "Coming from Germany to MLS, it takes a while to adjust. I think the adjustment for me went well, but at the same time we did not make the playoffs and personally I feel like I didn't do a good enough job in leading my team. We had the talent and the players to do it and Colin Clarke did an excellent job of training and coaching us all year, but there's always room for improvement. We could have been better last year and I'm looking forward to next season."

FCdallas.net: What player or players do you enjoy playing against in MLS and why?

CG: "I would have to say Damani Ralph of Chicago. I love playing against him and the competition he brings to the table during a match. Damani is a talented player with great skills and a bright future. Landon Donovan is another player who always kept me on my toes all game long. It's a good test to go against players like this and I'm a player that loves to get tested. Players like Damani and Landon keep you focused for 90 minutes."

FCdallas.net: What is the most memorable soccer match you have ever played in?

CG: "When I was with St. Pauli we played Bayern Munich and won the match 2-1. It was memorable because we were playing at home in front of a sellout crowd and they were of course favored as they always are. We then pulled off the upset. We were up 2-0 and they scored to cut the lead in half and we held on for the victory. Just playing in that game was one of my best moments in my career."

FCdallas.net: If you could give one person the credit for making you the soccer player and the person you are today, who would that be?

CG: "There are many people that have made me both the soccer player and person I am today. But I think my foundation came from Michael Noonan, who was my coach at Brown University. He molded me into the player and the person that I am today. He always pushed me to mature and never allowed me to slack off. I started game in and game out starting my freshman year all the way until my senior year, but he never allowed me to get into a comfort zone. There were times when I thought I couldn't do better, but he always showed me that there was more out there and pushed me to improve and to not be satisfied with what I was doing."

FCdallas.net: Why do you wear the number "12" for the U.S. national yeam and the number "2" with FC Dallas?

CG: "The number 12 was my number since I was a young kid. I wanted 12 with FC Dallas, but they gave me 2 to wear."

FCdallas.net gave Cory Gibbs a word or phrase and he responded with the first thing that came to his mind.

1. Eddie Johnson = "Unbelievably talented player."
2. Holiday Season = "Family."
3. U.S. national team = "It's my goal and my dream to play for it."
4. Best defender in MLS = "I consider myself to be in this group, a player similar to Eddie Pope."
5. FC Dallas = "2005 MLS Cup Champions."

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