MetroStars 3, Galaxy 0 -- quote sheet



On the game:
"It was a good win. I think that the team is playing with more confidence. The understanding on the field has been good. It's been nice to have the same starting line-up for three straight games. That's something that isn't always that easy. So in that end it was a good game and the confidence part is nice to see."

On the team maintaining its composure despite the referee's calls and harsh fouls:
"You talk about these things because this happens in the game. The reminder at halftime was that we had a 1-0 lead and know how to play to finish the game. I think there's more leadership on the field in these situations. Maybe some of the lessons of the season start to pay off. That's the way it is supposed to be."

On having the same lineup three games in a row:
"I think the most important thing is that those guys have all played really well now. Tenywa [Bonseu] has had three good games at right back. You can see that his teammates have a good level of confidence and know that the plays that come his way he's where he needs to be. He's handled everything really well I think. When we play Eddie Gaven and Amado [Guevara] and Jose [Vaca] and Mike [Magee] together in the midfield, they all work for each other. (They) have to have a good understanding that if one of (them) is more in the center the other has to shift over. For me, Amado had taken a really big leadership role in the midfield. He's accepted the idea that in that group he has to play a little bit more defensive, but that's not to say that all of a sudden we want him only as a defensive player. He has found a really good balance and I think the others have worked with him really well. It's been good."


On the team's recent play:
"I like the team. I feel pretty good. As a team we feel pretty good. The score tonight reflects how we play the game. From now on, we'll try to do more because we know we can score more than three."

On the penalty kick:
"When I have the choice to shoot a penalty kick, it's really important. Tonight it was the first goal for the team so it was important to be concentrated and focused and try to score."

On shooting the penalty down the middle rather than to the left side:
"[Jonny] Walker told me yesterday to try to shoot a different way. He told me to take my time to see which way the goalkeeper is laying down left or right. He said I should just take my time and see which side he's leaning towards and that's what I did today."


On the goal:
"Cornell [Glen] was wide open on the left and he took a good touch down to the line and the two defenders dropped off so I kind of slipped in about 12 yards out. He played a great ball and I just put it far post."

On starting up top with Cornell three games in a row:
"Yeah, it's been tough with a lot of talent up front, so there's been a lot of different starting tandems and it's just tough starting to learn. We have a great midfield behind us giving us great balls and [Cornell] and I just compliment each other pretty well. I'm starting to know when he's going to take on people or where he's going to end up or put the ball. We're just learning so hopefully we can take it to the next level."


On his recent play:
"I think in the first half it was tough for me because there wasn't much flow to the game and I did not get many touches and I was just waiting for that one chance. Then finally it came in the second half when I got the goal. It's just great to be finally scoring on a consistent basis, which I was not doing at the start of the season. Hopefully I can keep it going until the end of the season."

On the physical nature of the match:
"Every game is going to be physical. I think tonight's game was definitely a bit more physical than others for some reason. But that's fine, I think maybe our team raises our level of play when the game is that physical and I think that showed today because we played really well today and won 3-0."


On the game:
"It was one of those games. I do not think that we started very well. We took a lot of fouls early that led to a bunch of free kicks for (MetroStars). In the second half, we started to control the game and excert some pressure on them. The second goal came at a bad time, it was a back breaker.

"Right now, the MetroStars have our number. I hope to play them one more time and by then I hope we will have theirs."

On the return of Peter Vagenas:
"It was good that we were able to get him some minutes, but a this point that is just a silver lining."


On the game:
"It was a tough physical game. Next week, we will have to prepare for another difficult opponent but we will be ready."


On returning to action:
"I would have liked to have come in with us up 3-0, but it was good to get out their with the boys again. Now that I have that out of the way, I can concentrate on playing next week. There are no easy opponents in this league and it starts all over again next week with Columbus.

"I'm going on adrenaline right now, once I settle down I'll be better able to evaluate my progress."