MetroStars 1, Revolution 1 -- quote sheet



On going with a 3-5-2 system and the result:
"We started the season losing goals and obviously then we had to be solid, and we did that. Then, the second half of last week, we showed that when the time was right to start opening up - I think it's proved correct. The effort we put in today after Wednesday (when the Revs beat Sporting Lisbon 2-1) was phenomenal. You had a back three: one of them was making his debut in MLS (Avery John); one had six stitches above his head (Jay Heaps), and one had a brace in his mouth to play (Brian Kamler). Other than that the rest of the team, we made chances again, we're disappointed not to take them. I mean, I can't say enough about the players."

On his team:
"I thought we actually looked jaded from the start of the game and I still felt we had more of the ball and we still made better chances. (The MetroStars) are a dangerous team. They have two fast guys up top, so we have to be on our toes and I think we limited them to a few chances. At the same time, we've hit the bar twice, we had a few scrambles we've scored, especially after Wednesday, I'm absolutely delighted with the players."


On the difference between the two halves:
"When you've got numbers up in the middle, you're usually going to possess most of the game and we were able to do that in the first half - get some movement, get some balls whipped in from out wide - and we were able to get some chances. In the second half, unfortunately, it wasn't the same story. I don't know that the problem was - Shalrie (Joseph) sitting back a little more - I don't know, but we let them come to us for a little while until they got the goal and then we started playing again. We need to find a way to do it for 90 minutes."

On his goal:
"Great ball whipped in by Joey Franchino. Shalrie was able to stretch out and get a foot on it, it deflected and it was just a reaction type thing. I got a foot on it and it went in."


On the game:
"It felt good just to be playing. You can go in, you can challenge, it just felt good to be out there playing."

On being in MLS:
"I'm happy to be playing in MLS, I'm happy to be in New England. I spent two seasons playing in Boston (with the A-League Boston Bulldogs) under Steve Nicol so I know what he wants from me and I have great admiration for him. It's good to be back in the U.S. and to step up to the next level. It's the next stage of my life and hopefully I can continue from here and I hope I can continue to improve and help the team."

On playing against fellow Trinidad & Tobago international Cornell Glen:
"Same tricks from home. It's good. You're playing against international quality players and that same level of competition and concentration has to be on. Or, one mistake and it's a goal. So it's good. I know he's crafty and I know he's good on the ball, but not just him, you have Fabian Taylor and you have Amado Guevara and the little right winger (Joselito Vaca) moving. So, the challenge was good and I'm always up for a challenge. I think the team was up for it today, it was a home game and I think we came out and we did well."


On the game:
"We didn't have a good start, but I think that it was good that we were able to pick our game up as the first half went on and into the second half. Over the last 15-20 minutes of the first half, I think that we did better finding the little seams and moving the ball. I thought that we had a good goal, but I wish we could have put on a little stronger push after we had made it 1-1."

On the play of Cornell Glen:
"I know that Cornell was angry at himself for not finishing the first chance he had, but he stayed with the game, and when he got his second opportunity he took advantage of it and finished it."

On the Revolution's 3-5-2 formation:
"They did that in the second half against Sporting Lisbon on Wednesday night, so we weren't too surprised about that. We thought that they might come out with that [formation] again today."


On his goal:
"My finishing was poor this week in training, so when Lisi played me the ball I just told myself to keep it simple and just hit it with the inside of my foot. I was just concentrating on getting the team the goal in any way possible."

On playing with Fabian Taylor:
"I think that this game was much better than the previous games in terms of communicating, and working together. I know that today wasn't our best game, but you have games like this. That is just the way the sport is. In terms of talking and working together, this was definitely our best game."


On the Revolution's 3-5-2 formation:
"It just made things a little more compact in the midfield. We didn't have as much space to play as we usually do, and I don't think that we were moving well enough off the ball to create space for ourselves."

On what changes the midfield made in the second half:
"We got Eddie Gaven and Joselito Vaca involved a little bit more. They got to come inside and pick up more balls, which allowed us to work better together."

On his assist:
"Cornell [Glen] opened up his body and I saw that he was making a run, so I took a chance and played the ball. I didn't think it was going to get through at first, but it did, and he got a good touch on the ball and had a great finish."


On the Revolution's 3-5-2 formation:
"They wanted to change the play of the game, but we stood our ground and as the game went on we were able to play the way we wanted."

On the difference between the first and second halves:
"In the first half I was playing on the outside near the sideline, but in the second half I moved closer to the middle of the field and I was able to get more balls from [Mark] Lisi and [Amado] Guevara, which allowed me to do a little more."

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