In 1998, Cobi Jones set personal career highs in goals (19) and assists (13).
Essy Ghavameddini/MLS/

Jones set to break Cienfuegos' mark

someone that was competitive, competitive in nature and in spirit. I only gave the best, be it on the national team, where I've racked up a lot of assists, or on my club team, where I've done the same. Do you think the assist mark would be diminished or any less significant if the Galaxy hadn't been as successful as they have been over the years?

CJ: I don't think it diminishes it at all. That's looking at the team standards and not the individual standards. If you look at other sports, you don't look at Dan Marino, who just went into the Hall of Fame, and say he wasn't a great quarterback just because he never won the Super Bowl. I think you've got to look at each individual. You look at individual statistics, and separate that from the team statistics. How much longer do you think you'll play?

CJ: I have not decided how much longer I'm going to play, and I'm going off what a friend of mine Jurgen Klinsmann told me: 'Never put a time amount on how much longer you're going to play.' So I'll stick to what Jurgen said on that and keep that to myself. The team - and you, individually - started out very well this season, but in the past couple of months, you've cooled down. How does the team recapture what it had in the first two months of the season, and how can you contribute to that?

CJ: I think we've just got to keep working hard in practice. I think it's going to get back that way. The issue has been we haven't had, pretty much, our starting lineup since those first few games. We've had national team call-ups, we've had injuries, we've had a lot of things that seem to continue happening to us over the past few months. Now that we're going into the playoff run, hopefully we can put all of that behind us and make the push for the last nine games and get out there and play with pride.

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