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Jamie's Journal: Reserve action

Hey there fans, it's time for another edition of Jamie's Journal and in this week's edition, I thought we would show the reserves some love and fill you in with an update from Wednesday's convincing 3-1 win over the Brigham Young University PDL team. Normally, most reports don't do late night additions to be released off the press, but here at Jamie's Journal, we don't stand for that. If there was a company motto, it would probably say something about giving you updates at all hours of the night no matter what. Since we don't have a company motto, I'll just say it confidently enough to make it sound like that's what I'm all about. OK, enough with the chit-chat and on to the game report.

RSL Reserves 3 - BYU 1
The great thing about having an expanded roster and the new reserve league is that we have more players on the team and there is a feeling of a team within a team for us, which hadn't been the case in previous years in MLS. One thing about our reserve team is that there is no petty jealousy about not playing for the first team. All of the guys understand their role on the team, whether that is to be an understudy of players who have been around and who have several things that younger players can learn from, or if it's to be with the reserve team to instill that fire to push even harder for a starting spot. Either way, the reserve team has done very well so far, posting a very attractive record while producing quality soccer at the same time. OK, now on to the game.

Anyone in the Provo, Utah area knows that last night it seemed as though the big man upstairs must have turned on a faucet and let it run for the entire time we were outside because it did not stop raining from the second we stepped out of our cars. The rain isn't so bad to play in; it's just that the rain started accumulating on the field and making several puddles, which were a pain for players throughout the game.

The game started off with good pace as both teams tried feeling each other out. The first break of the game came when Leighton O'Brien sent a pinpoint ball through to yours truly that sent me in versus the 'keeper. I tried to be fancy and not what the millions of coaches I've had in the past have told me to do (shoot it low to the far post). Instead, I thought I could catch the goalie leaning and go near post. End result: BYU got a goal kick and I was hoping I wasn't going to get booed.

Later on, the ending was substantially more positive as Kenny "Redman" Cutler sent a ball through for another breakaway. As I was going in, the puddles I mentioned earlier played a factor as the ball got stuck in one and what was meant to be a shot turned into a well-laid off ball to 'Laser' Luke Kreamalmeyer netting our first goal. We carried that lead into halftime and came out looking to start the half off right. Yeah, that didn't exactly happen, as BYU managed to score on a one-on-one versus Noah Palmer to level the match. The goal prompted whoever the goal-scorer was to go into full out celebration mode and the crowd erupted.

That didn't sit well with us, so we decided to turn it up a notch and the next 20 minutes or so was sort of dodgy as both teams went end to end. A turning point in the match came when Leighton O'Brien was sent off for his second yellow, but since this was a friendly, we were allowed to replace him a few minutes later. The replacement was Salt Lake City native Adam Acosta. It didn't take Adam long to make his mark in the game. In the 82nd minute, Jordan Cila played a dead-ball free kick into the box and Cameron Knowles headed it in to make give us a crucial 2-1 lead. Two minutes later almost the same free kick occurred, and this time Adam Acosta was able to get on the end of a loose ball in the box and send a bomb into the lower corner to seal the deal at 3-1.

Very fittingly, Adam ran over to the sideline and shushed the crowd that had been very boisterous (extremely big word wouldn't you say?) and had been having a go at myself, Seth Trembly and Adam most of the night. Needless to say, a big thank you is in order to the 921 fans who made it out and fought off the terrible conditions. Your support for your team was great and the few cheers we heard were much appreciated. Overall, it was a good night, we got the win and played some good soccer. Can't be too disappointed with a 3-1 "road" victory, can you?

Contest is still going on
With the help of the RSL front office, the prize pack got about 10 times sweeter during the week, just to sweeten the deal for the winner of the ongoing contest dedicated to the fan who shares with me (and will share with you all as well) their best memory of the home opener versus the Colorado Rapids. Pictures will help your cause out too, as any picture submitted by the winner will be included in the journal announcing the big winner! You still have a little less than a week to get your thoughts together and e-mail them to me at to see if you have a chance at winning a prize pack that's pretty sweet. Well, that's all the time I have for you today; have a good night and keep sending in your memories. Until next time, you stay classy Utah.

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