Antonio Cue

Green-haired Cue makes good on bet

Sporting a new, personalized Los Angeles Galaxy jersey, a young, hip-looking, green-haired man made his way around The Home Depot Center on Tuesday.

It wasn't the club's newest signing. Nor was it a wayward fan. In fact, the gentleman was the furthest thing from a Galaxy supporter.

Making good on a bet, Chivas USA president Antonio Cue sported a green hairdo straight out of a punk rock video and a gold Galaxy jersey, with "Cue" and the number one splashed on the back for good measure.

"I don't feel very happy having green hair obviously but I made that bet and I'm here," Cue said. "I had to pay up."

Cue and Doug Hamilton, Galaxy president and general manager, made the bet last week leading up to the Galaxy-Chivas USA derby. The loser had to wear the other team's jersey, dye his hair in the opponent's color and donate $1,000 to the opposing team's charity foundation.

Cue's Chivas USA side fell to Hamilton's Galaxy 3-1, forcing Cue to sport the colorful outfit. Chivas USA general manager Whit Haskel also showed up with green hair, though he wore a Chivas USA jersey.

"It's not my favorite of days but I made the bet," Cue said. "I believe in the young players (on Chivas USA). I believe in my team. This time the Galaxy got the best of us but we have at least three more games against them and maybe even some playoff games... We're going to get you sooner or later."

Hamilton, who sat next to Cue during the luncheon, said the league's first intra-city derby lived up to all the prematch hype.

"We saw what is possible with MLS," Hamilton said. "The interaction of fans in red-and-white and gold-and-green was spectacular. The entrance of Chivas USA into our league was designed specifically in many ways to accomplishthat. There was a fever and a passion I don't think our league has seen before."

The atmosphere at Home Depot Center on Saturday was electric, players said. Well before kickoff, fans packed the stands. As both sides went through prematch warmups, both Galaxy and Chivas USA supporters were vocal and lively and maintained their energy level throughout the duration of the game.

"The most important thing here is that this rivalry is for real," Cue said. "I am disappointed about losing. I hate losing."

The clubs meet next on May 28 and both Cue and Hamilton promised to up the stakes next time.

"I'm so sure about the young talent that we have and the spirit of our team," Cue said. "I'm sure by May 28 we will have a bigger bet and I'm sure Doug will accept the bet the same way I accepted this bet."

As for the green hair, Cue wanted it out immediately.

"I will take it out as soon as possible," he said. "I don't want to see my wife (like this). I might be divorced by this evening."

Luis Bueno is a contributor to This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Soccer or its clubs.