If Andy Herron weren't a soccer player, he'd probably be a singer.
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Get to know Andy Herron

Position: Forward
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Age: 27
Birthplace: Puerto Limon, Costa Rica
Color: Blue
Nickname: "Correcaminos" ("Roadrunner," in English)
Most memorable soccer moment: Scoring his first goal from 44-yards out for Costa Rica in a friendly against Ecuador in 2000.
Favorite Stadium: Soldier Field
Favorite sport other than soccer: Basketball - big Bulls and Lakers fan.
Favorite junk food: Rice and beans Costa Rican style
Greatest influence: Grandmother Edna Morris, who raised him
Biggest fear: God
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, surfing, fishing, writing music
Family: Married to Cindy...Has a four-year-old son named Dyan (Andy rearranged).
Self-described: Friendly, hard-working and easy going person.
Characteristic he admires in a person: Honesty

Did you know Andy ...
• Recorded a Reggae CD with his father titled "Playa Bonita" ("Beautiful Beach") in 2003
• Turned down a contract by Universal Music because he opted to play soccer professionally instead
• His song "No Dejes" ("Don't Stop") was a major hit in Costa Rica
• His grandmother Edna taught him to speak English
• Has two sisters and three brothers in Costa Rica