Gaven: We have to play better

Hey guys! What's going on? Not much here. We've been practicing pretty hard after another frustrating loss. The team was really pumped for our game against the Wizards, however in the end we fell short and know we have to start playing better.

In the last four games, we've been having trouble scoring. It's pretty disappointing. It seems as if we cannot set up the play that will put the ball in the net. However I must say that although we are having problems offensively, our defense has been pretty strong. We have tightened up in the back and have not given up many goals. Hopefully we can keep that up this weekend against the Revs.

In training this week, we are working very hard on planning our attack against New England. We are watching films in order to see how we can create better chances and get into better spots this weekend. As I've said many times before, I know this team has the potential and now we just have to prove it on the field.

Because of our loss on Saturday, and the Crew's wins on Saturday and Wednesday, we have dropped to second place. We are now four points behind, which I think serves as a major motivational tool. The team knows we play the Crew two more times this season and we believe that in the end, we will be back in first place.

Although most of our days are consumed with soccer, we still like to keep the atmosphere around locker room light. We continue to play our basketball games and now have decided to have a tournament. The tournament is being modeled after the NCAA tournament and should be a lot of fun. However, because I am such a bad basketball player, the guys have informed me I may not make it to the "Big Dance." They are considering putting me in the NIT tournament because I am so bad.

Well I must get back on the field, where at least I know I have some skills. I hope we have better results against the Revs. We want to beat those guys really bad. Send me some questions at

Take care and God bless,

Eddie Gaven, #24