It's a good thing to have Pope on your side. ~ Gaven
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Gaven getting wired

-- May 25th, 2004

Looking back at this weekend's game against the Revolution, we definitely didn't play as well as we could have. Coming away with a point is fine, but we've now tied them twice this season; we needed the win. The whole team knows that we need to step up our game for our next two matches at Giants Stadium and try and get on some kind of streak.

I'm really looking forward to Wednesday night's exhibition game against Boavista (a club from Portugal). It should be a nice tune-up for our match against Kansas City on Sunday. Our match against the Wizards should be a good game, with Tony Meola coming off another shutout, and Josh Wolf playing as well as he is. We really need to try and contain him.

The conference is so tight this year; the competition is intense. Everyone is so close in the standings, but we want to start to pull away from the rest. Hopefully, having the next two games at home will give us that opportunity. I think that one thing that will definitely help us separate ourselves from everyone else in the league is having guys like Eddie Pope on our roster. As a forward, I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that I've got one of the best defenders in the league backing me up. I am also really glad I don't have to play against him, because he burns me in practice every day. Having to face him in practice makes it easier for me to take on other defenders in the league. Eddie is a real figure on the field.

I've got a lot of family coming up for Sunday's game since it's Memorial Day Weekend, and we're probably going to have a barbecue, too. It's going to be a busy week.

Oh, by the way, I've got a new road trip roommate, Chris Leitch. This guy is hysterical and always keeps me entertained.

I hope you guys are enjoying my column, and I would love to hear from you.

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Take care & God Bless

Eddie Gaven, #24