Scott Garlick

Garlick: If the pink cowboy hat fits ... had the opportunity to sit down with goalkeeper Scott Garlick and talk to him about his attire at lunch yesterday, how long he will continue to play soccer and his relationship with Jeff Cassar. How did you feel about being the first one to don the dress and pink cowboy hat yesterday at lunch? What did you do to earn that honor?

Scott Garlick: "I found out yesterday that if you wore it one time, you didn't have to wear it again so I volunteered for it. I was hoping that there wasn't going to be a lot of people at lunch yesterday because we had a late lunch. It didn't quite turn out that way, but in the end it's over and I'm glad I don't have to worry about it over the next two weeks." There are rumors circling that the two team captains in the "Survivor-Apprentice" contest made three trades each last night. Care to share who was dealt and why?

Garlick: "Yes, there were some trades last night. I'll tell you that I think our team traded for the wrong reasons because we just got our butts kicked by the guy we traded. I think if we would have known we were swimming, we would have kept Chris Gomez. But you know what, hindsight is 20/20." Being the veteran in this league that you are and ranking second all-time in saves in Major League Soccer history, have you put any thought into how much longer you want to play?

Garlick: "Yeah, I definitely have put a lot of thought into that and I know I'm not going to be playing for too much longer. I have played soccer for 20 years now and I want to do something else. I would like to experience the business world and find myself competing in that arena. I don't want to start that when I'm 36 years old and have to jump into that scene with a bunch of 21-year-old kids. Also, I now have a family and I don't want to move them too many times. All of that leads me to the conclusion that it's not going to be too much longer." You and Jeff Cassar, like last season, will be competing again this season for the starting goalkeeper spot. However, you both seem very close and friendly to one another. How would you describe your relationship with Jeff?

Garlick: "We have a great relationship. We both respect each other and our abilities in what we can do on the field. We're both professionals and will both respect what the coaches decide to do. Sometimes, we're not going to like it, but we know all we can do is go out and work hard. There is no sense carrying it off the field because that's definitely not the right thing to do." You earned the win in goal last night for the team after taking over in the second half. How did you think the team performed against Molde with the quick turnaround?

Garlick: "If you take into the account the conditions, I thought the players played absolutely fantastically. The conditions made it very difficult, with the travel and the wind. Really the wind was the main concern out there because the pouring rain and the soggy pitch is nothing. I thought the guys who were in there in the first half did a great job of weathering it and trying to put the ball on the ground and pass. Then, the guys in the second half came in and took advantage of the situation, putting them under some intense pressure. Fortunately, we had two goals and it always feels better when you win, even if it's in an exhibition." If you could wear the pink hat and dress more then once during this trip to Spain, who would you predict would wear it the most on this team?

Garlick: "I would probably have to say Chris Gbandi after watching him in the swim. The reason being is because he'll probably ask for it more then once."

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