Galaxy 1, FC Dallas 0 -- quote sheet



His thoughts on winning the US Open Cup:
"For me, it's just a little bit of vindication for everything we've gone through all season the long ups and downs. For these guys to bring home the Cup in front of our home crowd, it's truly very special. You can see how hard they worked tonight. With only two days of rest, how they closed things down in midfield, worked to get their goal. A great goal by Herculez Gomez, the guy is really turning to be a tremendous goal scorer for MLS and us. He's one exciting player."

About the buildup to the goal:
"Landon (Donovan) playing the ball into Chris (Albright), and Chris Albright having the ability to hold the ball and pause and found the perfect player to play it to, and then a perfect chip to Herculez, and then a difficult shot made easy. The side volley is not an easy shot to score. He made it look so easy and put it into the side netting."

Effort needed to hold onto the win:
"We've had troubles all season long and the lack of concentration toward the end of the game. Tonight, we didn't show that, we played with a lot more intelligence. Dallas brought everything they could, sliding neat balls in from every single part of the attacking half of the field. Cobi Jones and Landon Donovan - their experience led to the victory at the end. The guys played with a lot more concentration and a lot more wisdom than we have had in previous matches."


His thoughts on winning the US Open Cup:
"We've only had one of these at this club in its entire existence. We have been taking a lot of crap from everybody about our inconsistency, but you can't measure the heart of the champion. We showed in the big games when everything is on the line that this team has got something left. So that being said, we are going to be enjoying this thoroughly tonight and tomorrow before we put it behind us and move on."

The effort to hang on to the win:
"You couldn't say more about this team. We have been taking a beating because we haven't been pitching shutouts, but that being said, we got it when it counts."


On winning the US Open Cup here in LA:
"I won a championship here with San Jose. This is different. You get to celebrate with your fans. Makes it better."

About the goal:
"What can you say? Every week is something different. This shows he belongs, it's not a fluke that he's here and he's helping us win games."

About holding on to the win:
"Unfortunately, that's the way it goes sometimes. Especially when the ref is not exactly helping out with calls and stuff, giving them advantages. We did well, we had a little preparation against Kansas City with the same type of ending and it helped us."


His thoughts on winning the US Open Cup:
"It's a big let out of frustration, a big sigh of relief. It's for the fans."

About your goal:
"I was kind of nervous going in, there was a lot of talk among certain FC Dallas players making this game to be bigger (than it is). They tried to put their little takes and I figured I'd put in mine. Chris Albright played in a pretty great ball. It was just sitting up there and this is what dreams are made of."


On difference between tonight and lasts Wednesday's game:
"We didn't move the ball as well as we did last Wednesday. Ronnie gets a tackle from behind puts him out of the game in the first minute, missed his energy and life in the middle of the park...We had a few chances. Scott was big tonight and made some big saves. You're pushing for the game and you're going to give up some chances and keep your fingers crossed that you're not going to concede a second (goal). And maybe sneak something. But it just wouldn't drop for us in front of their goal tonight.

"It was a one-off playoff style game. There were a lot of twenty year olds out there tonight. It was our first experience at that big of an occasion. Next time we face it, we'll handle it better. First ones are always tough, you just don't know what to expect and I thought some of them reacted very well. I think Ramon Nunez was lively again tonight and caused a lot of problems. For some who get fouled eight times and no one gets a yellow card for it was absolutely ridiculous.

"A lot of credit to my boys for getting here, we had a hard run to get here and put a lot into and we'll be ready for it and hopefully next time we will be right on top."

On not playing Carlos Ruiz:
"Starting him no, but getting him on the bench maybe since starting him just was not going to happen."


On the game:
"It is difficult that we gave up kind of a weak goal, it was a good finish but we feel good about the effort and energy that we put into the game but are clearly disappointed in the stuff in the final third for us."

On the loss motivating you:
"Yeah, without a doubt you know I think that we are actually quite proud of the streak that we have been over the run of games the quality of play in the last five games. Clearly, we are disappointed to not win a final tonight, but we don't want this feeling again and we will do everything we can to make sure it doesn't happen again."


On his first cup final experience:
"Obviously, it is really disappointing but hopefully it won't be our last opportunity as a team. It is definitely a good experience, it definitely hurts right now, but I think the experience maybe won't set in now but maybe later on. It will definitely be a learning experience and hopefully we won't have to experience another loss like this again."


On the game:
"It is always disappointing to lose a final, but we are more determined to win another one. So, the boys will pick themselves up and we will be ready for the next game."

On the mind set after the match:
"We definitely don't want this feeling again, this group of guys are starting to stick together and fight for each other. We will continue to do so."

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