FC Dallas 3, RSL 0 -- quote sheet


FC Dallas head coach Colin Clarke

On the win:
"Obviously, we're pleased, 3-0 at home, a clean sheet, we're in good shape. We're disappointed that we couldn't score more. We created a lot of chances and good opportunities. We could have possibly had three penalties, but only ended up with one, but overall, very, very happy."

On Carlos Ruiz:
"Carlos scored again on the PK, but he earned it. He held the ball up well, had a couple chances, brought people in the play and played very well tonight."

On Eddie Johnson:
"Eddie got a chance and took it well, great finish. He had a couple others that could have gone his way, but that were lively and sharp and some of the stuff he played in patches were very, very good."

FC Dallas midfielder Richard Mulrooney

On the win:
"The result of the game was what we wanted, a 3-0 shutout. I think any team in the league would take that. We get a little sporadic in the second half, but it's good to get the win."

On his goal:
"Whevever it's in the 85th minute or the third minute, I'm glad to score. We went up 1-0 early and played with the lead the rest of the match. We'll take that every game this season if we can."

FC Dallas forward Carlos Ruiz

On the win:
"It was a good result for our soccer club and the most important is that we keep adding points in the standings. I'm very excited about the way this team is playing right now."

On his goal:
"Once again, I had a penalty kick. The goals are always welcome in any way. I'm starting to feel more comfortable with my teammates. We have to keep it going, but this has been a good start to our season."

Real Salt Lake head coach John Ellinger

On the game:
"We got outworked in the first half. In the second half, we didn't get outworked. We gave up two restart goals and Eddie Johnson scored a nice one."

On Eddie Johnson:
"Eddie Johnson is one of the fastest guys in the country. You put a ball over the top and chances are he'll chase it down."

On the Mulrooney goal:
"We started off well, and then they got a foul and a free kick. They scored and the goal was a gift."

On second half adjustments:
"In the second half, we came out and matched their intensity. We made Scott Garlick work a little. Unfortunately, Eddie Pope got a red card. The red card changed things a bit after that."

RSL forward Jason Kreis

On Real Salt Lake struggling:
"We're a new team. It's going to take time. The difficult part about this is effort. In order to break this, we need two things. First is effort, we have to be consistent. We have been inconsistent throughout the season. Second part is confidence, You have to be confident and we're lacking that."

On playing in Dallas:
"It was strange. I knew that it would be strange and emotional, I thought it would be a dream, but it turned into a nightmare. When the whistle blew, everything looked different."

On scoring goals:
"I honestly believe that offense takes time. The defense comes first and the offense comes with confidence. It will take us getting back on the horse and going back at it."

On his one shot in the game:
"Clint [Mathis] gave me an excellent ball, I just put a touch on it and missed."