FC Dallas 2, Real Salt Lake 1 -- quote sheet



On the play of his team:
"It was a great performance in difficult situations. We all know what we've been through this last while, so mentally it was nice to see us get that first win (on Wednesday) and today control the game from start to finish."

On the energy his team got from Wednesday's win:
"Any time that you get a win it's a boost, and we needed that win against Chicago, semifinal of the [U.S. Open] Cup, at home, there were a lot of positives. But more importantly we knew that it was important to build on that win and not let the momentum go."

On the first goal:
"The first goal is always important, particularly in this league. It settles you down and it means that they have to come out and chase you a little bit, and we were able to string some passes together and keep them working and then we were able to get the second one too. We'd have like not to have conceded the one we did, but we're happy with the result and we'll take the three points."


On the team's recent form:
"We've done decently the last couple of games and really started to work hard. We gave up a couple of games here, against D.C., and a bad one against Chivas, but you know we got a good result on Wednesday; we worked hard and won it. And we did it again today. We could have scored three or four more and hopefully we can put a good run together going into the playoffs."

On playing in the heat:
"We train in this every day, it may not be as hot as it is now, but it's pretty hot, it's up there most days, so it's OK for us. But about 20 or 30 minutes into the game, you could tell that (Real Salt Lake) didn't want to be here so it made it a little easier for us."


On clinching the playoff spot:
"It's great. It's always good for a team to go into a game knowing that it can put itself into the playoffs and not wait for others to lose. It was a good attitude from all the guys out there, we knew what we had to do and went out and clinched a playoff spot ourselves."

On scoring the first goal:
"That was our goal. The last thing that you want to do is be chasing the game in this heat, so that was our goal from the get-go; work hard and get the first goal and after the first 30 minutes we figured that they'd be dead from the heat, and that plan worked for us."


On scoring the first goal:
"It's big, especially in this heat because as the game goes on your legs start to wear out and get tired. It's much easier to sit on a lead than to chase a lead so the first one was big, but I think that it was the second one that was the biggest."

On surrendering a goal two minutes after making the score 2-0:
"I wish that we had concentrated a little more on that set piece because I think that we would have finished the game either 2- or 3-nothing. We really wanted a shutout so to give away a goal and have to battle a little bit harder the rest of the way to keep a one goal lead was a little frustrating, but it's two wins in a row at home coming into some important games, so we'll take it."


On RSL struggling on the road:
"We need to go home. We need to get away from the road. I was hoping that this game would be the first time we would win on the road, but it's now 13 straight road games without a win. The answer has got to be out there somewhere, I just don't know what it is."

On Melvin Tarley:
"Melvin is a big power forward. You can play balls into him, into his feet and he can hold it and then he can do things off of it. Every team needs a player like that. Melvin is that type of forward and it's nice to have him. He was just solid all around today, it was good to pick him up."

On the first half:
"Brian Dunseth was supposed to play forward a little bit, like an attacking midfielder. But Robert Scarlett and Adolfo Gregorio were supposed to be more offensive in the first half. A lot of times, the ball would come to them and after a second touch, they would still have space after 30 yards with the ball. We stressed that at halftime."


On entering the match in the second half:
"This one was a difficult one for me. It's always tough getting on the field. I was a little nervous, a little excited - I have been waiting to get on the field."

On scoring a goal
"Fortunately, one of our guys headed the ball to me and I was standing in front of (FC Dallas goalkeeper) Scott Garlick and was able to flick the ball by him. After scoring, I was looking for my family, but I couldn't find them after a quick glance. I didn't know how to celebrate after I scored because I was so excited. It's bittersweet to get the goal because I scored here in Dallas, but in a losing effort. It's almost better to let someone else score and earn the win and keep fighting as our backs are against the wall."

On RSL's play this season:
"We have had our ups and downs. But, we told ourselves that we would be a great team. There have been times when we have made expansion mistakes. There have been times where we didn't score in five, six straight games that we could have won. We started a few games where we started strong, experience-wise but we should have played better in the end. We needed this game to stay in the playoff hunt."