DC vs. LA quotes & notes


On the match:
"I thought in the first half, D.C. United had more of a game and we were probably a bit fortunate to come off at halftime, 0-0. We defended well at times but we certainly didn't possess the ball. In the second half I thought we were much better. I thought we created a lot more chances. In fact I thought we created more chances than they did."

On his team's comeback:
"I was really proud of our character being able to come back and equalize the game. We were very unlucky at the end not being able to get the game-winner. We dodged some bullets along the way and they dodged some bullets as well."

On the performance of Freddy Adu:
"I thought Freddy did well. You know, it's Hollywood and he's going to do well here. I was just hoping that he wasn't going to get a goal against us. That would have probably been the fitting finish for it but I thought he did well. With each week he's going to get better, he's going to get more confident and he's going to make better decisions as to when to take guys on and on what parts of the field. He's a skillful, quick, fast player who knows how to play the game."

On bringing in second-half substitute Joseph Ngwenya:
"First we thought we needed to make a change on the right side. We wanted to get that done and we needed to make the other change for Tyrone (Marshall). I thought Joseph (Ngwenya) added some things to us and he showed he's still young in terms of a couple of runs he made. He had a great opportunity to finish the game for us but overall I thought he brought some life into our game."


On the result:
"It was a bad game but we got the point. If you cannot win at home, then you have to tie. Unfortunately, it was not the result we wanted but we were able to salvage it at the end."

On his assist on the Ruiz goal:
"My goal, when I moved into the middle of the field, was to get the guys the ball when they needed it. I wanted to keep the ball moving. But, we did not get the one- and two-touch passing that we needed. When I got the ball I just tried to spread it around. I got it to Joe (Ngwenya) and he made a good move to get the ball to Carlos (Ruiz). Carlos is a good finisher and got the ball into the back of the net."

On the team's comeback:
"It is early in the season, but it shows that the team has heart and it is what we need to get us through the season. When you are playing a bad game and you need a point it is good to be able to come back."

On only earning one point from the match:
"It is disappointing, because you do not want to lose at home. To come back and make sure that we got a point is good, especially when we were not playing that well."


On his team's performance:
"We forgot to play 90 minutes of soccer and I'm not happy about that. But I am pleased with the effort from these guys and I am really proud of them. We didn't convert our chances and that's the thing we have to work on."

On Freddy Adu's performance:
"We have to all be patient. He was all over the place; in the middle and left and right. He tried to strike toward goal a couple of times. Unfortunately he didn't score a goal, but he was very close and next week he will be better."

On Joshua Gros, who made his professional debut:
"He worked very hard. He is really one of those guys who works really hard and he had a good game today."


On the final result:
"We deserved more with the performance we gave tonight. As a team, we were on the same page all over the field."


On the team's performance:
"We had a lot of chances. Next time we need to finish our chances. At certain times we were unlucky, but as the games go on we will start getting lucky and start finishing our chances."

On how he felt physically:
"I felt great. This is the best I have felt in a while. I had a little ankle injury and it was sort of bothering me for a while, but now I am close to 100 percent and I am happy to be basically at full strength."

On his comfort level during the game:
"Last weekend I had a lot of pressure on me and you guys saw I didn't play that well. I said after that game that I was glad to get that over with and now I can just think about playing soccer. And that's what I did out there tonight. I felt like the old me and hopefully I can keep that going."

On facing Cobi Jones one-on-one:
"Cobi still has some wheels on him by the way. I thought I got by him that one time and he just caught up. I was surprised. He surprised me. And then I knew what I had to do to get by him. But when I get by him I just have to keep going and not slow down because the guy is quick. He is an all-time great and I was really excited to be going up against him."

On fouling midfielder Andreas Herzog after he stripped him of the ball:
"When you lose the ball, you have to turn right back and play defense and that's the time you can get the ball back the quickest. I lost the ball and wasn't going to let him go down on a breakaway. Obviously it was a foul, and I admit it. But I did it to help my team out."