The Clean Sheet: A tangled web

and a few (million) people don't seem to mind.

It is time. MLS has done a marvelous job falling in line with the world's most popular game in several areas, and this should be next. Of course, one month after MLS makes the move, Sepp Blatter will probably ban it around the world, but you get the point.

Now I'll be honest, if MLS had announced they were putting a web design in the center circle, I would probably be leading the charge to cast a web over the MLS home office in NYC, swing it over my rather oversized head and toss it into the Hudson.

But with MLB's latest move, the sponsorship gloves in America are seemingly off. So maybe it is time to examine making a move that soccer fans probably wouldn't mind, and sports fans are getting used to, anyway.

THE NEWS: Some interesting notes in the newspapers this week.

TCS SAYS: Dylan Hernandez in San Jose relays a report that Ivan Zamorano told a Chilean newspaper he's been offered a role as president of a Club America MLS team in San Jose (wow!); Jack Bell at the N.Y. Times says The Bruce may bring in Ricardo Clark for a look at right back; and Steven Goff in D.C. says Eliseo Quintanilla may be back to MLS action in a couple weeks.

TCS SAYS: Some might say Freddy Adu needs to work a little on his runs off the ball, but when it comes to opinions about who he wants to date, he is right on it.

THE NEWS: When asked at a recent event whether he was going to date a Spice Girl, Adu told the N.Y. Daily News, "Hell naw! Hilary Duff's next for me!" Good vision for a young lad, that.

THE NEWS: Chelsea crashes out of Champions League.

TCS SAYS: Claudio Ranieri to Columbus.

THE NEWS: Joey Franchino's goal wins Sierra Mist Goal of the Week.

TCS SAYS: So happy you all voted for a goal that was beautiful in the build, even if unspectacular in the finish. I love that the wonderful work by the entire team was rewarded. You're still not off the hook for botching the 2003 Goal of the Year, but this is a start.

THE NEWS: I feel like I'm picking on FIFA a lot lately.

TCS SAYS: Well, they just keep giving me ammo, don't they? Getting back to FIFA docking The Cameroon six World Cup qualifying points for wearing the one-sies, Puma has launched a website urging fans to back a reversal of the decision. Check it out at

THE NEWS: France Football estimates that Becks is pulling in $27 million per year, if you include his off-field activities.

TCS SAYS: Oh, go ahead and say it ...



Thursday -- FRIENDS (8 p.m. ET on NBC): Time to celebrate the end of Ross Geller, undoubtedly the most annoying character in the history of television.

Saturday -- BURN-GALAXY (4 p.m. ET on The Deuce): What? Where's Freddy? What in the Wide Wide World of Sports is-a going on here?

Saturday -- UNITED-CREW (7:30 p.m. ET on Fox Sports World): Phew, it's OK, everyone. You can get your dose of nationally-televised Freddy on FSW. Man, I thought we were all in for it there ...

FOR RECREATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY: I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy ... so every week TCS is gonna put a little action on the action, if you know what I'm talkin' about. Each week in this space we'll track how last week went and what's on the books, so to speak, for the upcoming week.

LAST WEEK: Ouch. Down 150 on the week mainly thanks to D.C. and the Crew surprising me with draws.


THIS WEEK: I like my Burn over the Road Warriors, D.C. over the Crew, the Zach-Who's? over K.C. and the Quakes over Metro, let's go 50 each.

MLSNET COLUMNIST LOCKS OF THE WEEK: OK, you guys asked for it, so now you're getting it -- every week the MLSnet columnists are going to pick one lock of the week and we'll keep a running tally to see who actually knows what they are talking about. Late word is that The Commish was nice enough to offer a brand new Honda to the winner.

LAST WEEK: The veterans all liked the Quakes at home, while the rook went with a draw for Dallas-Columbus. And that, my friends, is how you gain a game on all three of your opponents.

Palace -- 2-3
Lalas -- 2-3
Bradley -- 1-4
Connolly -- 1-4

Bradley: San Jose over Metro
Hard C: Chicago over KC
Tino: DC over Columbus
Lalas: Colorado-New England tie

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