Wade Barrett

Barrett: O Captain! My Captain!

I apologize for missing my entry last week - it won't happen again,
I was with the U.S. team and was stymied by the pen,
Of writer's block in the extreme it is tough to overcome
My inspiration is back now and may be interesting to some.

The game against the Revs was my last one with the team,
We took it to them in Foxboro with a vengeance it would seem.
Another shutout for Onstad and a good performance all around,
On that win I have no further to expound.

The Quakes were due back home but I had another plan,
A chance with the U.S. team was cooking in my pan.
Califf and Clark and Ching were busy with the same,
A win for Uncle Sam and a chance to make a name.

We were down in Miami and sweating in the heat,
Four days of training before we would take our seat,
On the chartered flight to Costa Rica and a smooth ride we had hoped,
It wasn't meant to be but nonetheless we coped.

We were nearly on the ground when the visibility went to none,
Our chances of landing in Costa Rica had just been undone,
By weather gone afoul but we had another route,
To Panama instead and a trip to the Canal to boot.

We were stuck for the night and so we went our way,
To the Gamboa Resort for a few winks in the hay,
It was an unexpected detour but our admin was on her game,
She got us there without a snag and deserved her moment of fame.

Friday was finally the day that we arrived in the right place,
The police escorts took us through town as if it were a race.
Reporters and some girls in trench coats were waiting at the hotel,
We posed a bit and signed some stuff, no more I can tell.

We trained on Friday and the starting 11 did their thing,
They worked on shape and set pieces so their A-game they would bring,
To the contest the next night and a great game it was to be,
We got our rest and hoped for the best, we'd just wait and see.

Game day arrived and we had a nourishing meal,
We watched a little game tape for some secrets to reveal,
Of how the Ticos would play and try to disrupt our style,
We watched a bit and took some notes, but just a little while.

The time finally arrived and we were off to the match,
Three points were on the line that we hoped to snatch,
The stadium was abuzz with fans both high and low,
They were screaming and cheering, for the other team, though.

The match didn't go quite the way we wanted,
Three goals against left us feeling taunted,
By victory eluded and we were left with quite the sour taste,
We packed our things and headed home with little time to waste.

The flight landed in Boston at seven the following day,
It had been an unsuccessful trip as some were sure to say.
For me it was an experience in the utmost of degree,
To see what qualifying is like, the good and bad, you see.

An injury has sent me home earlier than was planned,
My hamstring got disqualified and I ended up getting canned.
I was unable to train and with the game on Wednesday in doubt,
I headed home to heal and rehab, but you won't find me pout.

The entire trip was for the U.S. team, an honor in itself,
To represent your country is like a trophy on your shelf,
It may get dusty and fade but will never become rotten,
A trip like this will never be forgotten.


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