AC Milan 3, Fire 1 -- quote sheet



On the comparison between an international friendly and a typical MLS game:
"It's a different kind of game. When you play a team like Milan, it's a pace that can be slow and then it can be fast. It has different rhythms to it. An MLS game, the throttle's on for most of it, but there's a different rhythm to it. There's a lot of mental work that goes into a game like tonight, but it's just a different kind of running. I think our guys obviously were fit and in good form because we're in the middle of our season, so I thought we handled that part very well."

On Fire midfielder Thiago's return to the Fire after knee surgery:
"I was pleased. We wanted to get him 35-40 minutes tonight and we got him a good 30 minutes. He just needs to get his fitness and form back, but he's going to be ready for us once we get back from the break."

On forward Andy Herron's close calls on goal:
"Andy's trying so hard, it's almost working against him. We've talked to him and said to just relax. He just needs to break the ice and get the goal. I always give forwards credit for creating chances, and at the end of the day he's sitting in his locker very disappointed because he had two great chances. On one, the goalkeeper made two or three saves in a row. He's still a guy, a forward, that has confidence, and he needs to get the goal."

On the play of midfielder Justin Mapp:
"Justin has moments in the game where you scratch your head and say, well, he could do more and then he has moments where he can turn it on. At the end of the day, Justin is a kid that has a great future and I thought he had more pluses than minuses during tonight's game. He was up against Jaap Stam and that was a challenge. I thought there were moments where he was fabulous."


On his goal:
"It was the most memorable goal I've had. It was a special goal. That was a much bigger celebration than I've ever had."

On playing AC Milan:
"We were out there on Soldier Field. It felt the same. If I had sat there and thought about it, I would have been like 'What am I doing out there?' You don't have time to think about it. You're just playing soccer with 11 other guys."

On the Fire's performance:
"It was all adrenaline. They say you play up to your opponents' level and that's what we did."


On facing a team from his former league:
"I felt comfortable because I had played against this team before. This was a great experience not only for me but also for the new guys on the team. I felt very happy."

On the Fire's performance:
"Tonight we had a little bad luck. We made some chances and it was a good game for us. It was a big team, preseason or not. The Fire did what they could. We needed more luck."


On the game:
"It was a great game. We were in front of a team that had a lot of rhythm, was very fast and played a great soccer match. We came from a little more experience and even with a little bit of luck."

On the Fire team's play:
"I won't talk about the individual players but all together it was a well-organized team, they played very well together. They had a very fast rhythm."


On the Fire:
"They are a very good team. They had a lot of sharp players. On the field, they were a little bit dangerous."

On his debut with A.C. Milan:
"It felt good. I've been playing for 18 years. Even if I had been playing for 70 years, it felt good."

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