Guaranteed Seat License FAQ

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Q: Can I buy GSLs under a company name?

A: GSLs can only be purchased by individual persons and not entities, business or otherwise.

Q: Can I buy more than one GSL under a single name?

A: Yes, but it is recommended to assign a different individual's name for each GSL. Remember, GSLs expire when the holder becomes deceased.

Q: Can I transfer my GSL to another name?

A: GSLs are non-transferable. Once a GSL is purchased, the name of the holder cannot be changed at any time.

Q: Can I cancel a GSL order and/or request a refund?

A: GSLs are non-cancelable and non-refundable. Once a GSL is purchased, it cannot be canceled or refunded at any time.

Q: Will I receive an email confirmation upon purchase of a GSL?

A: No. The "thank you" page that is displayed after each GSL order serves as a confirmation. Also, your credit card will be charged within a few days of your order.

Q: What are the GSL materials holders receive after purchasing?

A: GSL holders will receive in the mail an official letter, the terms and conditions and license within 2-3 weeks of purchase.

Q: What happens to a GSL if the holder becomes deceased?

A: The GSL simply expires and cannot be passed on to another individual. A GSL lasts the lifetime of the individual holder.

Q: Are there any other fees to expect in addition to the one-time sign-up fee?

A: No, however, All-Star Game and MLS Cup tickets are not included in the GSL fee

Q: Does the GSL guarantee an exact seat and how can I be sure to sit next to family or friends that also own a GSL?

A: It does not guarantee an exact seat; however, GSL holders can select seats next to other GSL holders when purchasing game tickets during the special pre-event windows.

Q: Do I have to purchase tickets to the All-Star Game and MLS Cup if I own a GSL?

A: No. GSL holders have the option to purchase tickets during special pre-event windows.

Q: When and where can I purchase my ticket(s) for each event?

A: The special ticket purchase windows for GSL holders will take place approximately 35-days before each premier event. GSL holders will be notified via email of when the special purchasing windows will take place. The special windows will last 5-10 days.

Q: What types of seats are available to GSL holders?

A: MLS specifically will hold top quality seats (e.g. category 1 and 2 sections) for GSL holders until the pre-event window expires.

Q: Can I buy additional tickets beyond my GSL?

A: Yes but not online during the special windows and such additional tickets likely will not be next to the GSL holder.

Q: If I am a season ticket holder, can I purchase a GSL?

A: Yes, any individual person can be the holder of a GSL.

Q: Is there an age restriction to hold a GSL?

A: No. There is no age restriction for a GSL holder. The purchaser, however, must be 18-years of age or older.

Q: How do GSL holders update contact information for change of address, phone number, email, etc.?

A: For now, please email contact information updates to It is each GSL holders responsibility to maintain updated information. In the not too distant future, GSL holders will be able to make changes on-line.

Q: Are GSLs applicable to any other events besides the annual All-Star Game and MLS Cup?

A: No, GSLs only apply to these two premier events. If this changes in any given year, holders will be notified.