Quotes: LA 3, COL 2



On the match:
"Well, we live for another day. I like the competitiveness of our team tonight. We continue to be a work in progress. I thought in the first 15 minutes of the game we were thoroughly beaten all over the field. I like the way our guys fought back into the game and obviously took the lead. We made a few mistakes that resulted in their corner. We need to mark up in those situations going into the half. Having said that, the second half was a much better start. I thought we played well. The contributions from everyone were great, but Landon Donovan really came in and showed his leadership on the field. That was great to see. Give Brandon credit for the great goal he scored. I think overall we did a good job managing the game over the last 15 minutes. I thought the penalty kick call was maybe not the right call, but that's part of it. The three points was the most important thing. They worked real hard today. It was a scrappy game, but we walked off the field with three points and that was certainly the objective for the day."

On Donovan playing after his return from D.C.:
"Landon volunteered; in fact I had no contact with him until he called me today. We talked when he got here and we decided he was going to play 45 minutes or less. He showed great leadership. My hat's off to Landon and the whole group. They really did a great job today."

On Brandon McDonald and Bryan Jordan:
"His job was to anchor the midfield with Joe Franchino -- that was his chief responsibility. We kind of laughed when he hit that ball. We've seen that before, that wasn't a once-in-a-lifetime. We've seen him do a couple of shots like that in training. I thought the work rate of Bryan Jordan was fantastic. He gave us a great 90 minutes and that's what we need right now."

On the fan support:
"We have to win games. I have not concerned myself with standings. We have to win games. Even if we went out, we may fall short, but we know what we have to do. The fan support is absolutely unbelievable for a team that is positioned where we are. They come out, they deserve better and we are attempting to do that. I am hopeful we can give them another good game on October 26, a game that means something."


On his game winning goal:
"I tried to strike balls like that in practice quite often, so I'm used to hitting the longer shots. I looked at the opposing team and they weren't stepping to me. I took another step to prepare for the shot, and no one stepped up, so I just blasted it. The rest is history."


On the position he played:
"I played under the strikers, and my strength is going forward, so a lot of the time I would get it and just connect or just get as high as I could. I would creep around in the box, and hopefully one would sneak in. It didn't tonight, but I think on the second goal, I got close to it. I'm not sure what happened, but the 'keeper hit me in the head."


On scoring the game's first goal:
"It feels good you know. Bruce seems to believe in me and keeps me out there. Other guys are scoring, so I've been contributing and helping out in other ways. Personally, I showed that I haven't completely lost it."


On the win:
"The past two games we've lost on the road. This week we talked about what we have to do tonight, with three games left, we have to get nine points. Tonight our mindset was to get a win. We came in as a team and got the win."


On the match:
"Well, it's certainly disappointing. We had a very good opportunity, I thought, to come up against a Galaxy side that is not in great form. We had two very influential players missing, so did Galaxy, certainly for a majority of the game with Landon. We might have taken the initiative in the first 10 minutes, but slowly but surely, I thought they started to build a bit of pressure. The second period started intensely, we played well given our circumstances."

On what this game does to the team's playoff chance:
"It's very damaging. I thought we needed four points, five maybe, depending on the results of other games. It means we put ourselves under pressure coming back here against Chivas next week, very difficult game."

On the Galaxy missing Beckham:
"No not at all. I think maybe coming into the game tonight there was a lot of talk of missing Landon and David, they would be an easier team to beat. I never ever thought that. Those two individuals there, especially David, are extremely talented individuals -- very, very effective and difficult to deal with. I think maybe the shape that the team has played, and maybe some of the bodies are used in some of the defensive roles that maybe underperformed themselves, certainly not tonight, not against us. I thought their possession was better than ours. I think you need to be more disciplined and sadly we weren't tonight."

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