Nothing But Nets

On behalf of World Malaria Day (April 25), MLS WORKS and Nothing But Nets want you to help Cover Africa with life-saving bed nets.

By donating $10, you can help us send 25,000 bed nets to Africa and save a life from malaria, a disease that kills a child every 60 seconds.

Donate $10. Send a Net. Save a Life.

World Malaria Day is April 25, but you can support the fight against malaria all month long by competing to beat malaria. Engage your family, friends and community members to join MLS by taking your own sports challenge. No challenge is too big or small. Every $10 you raise will help Nothing But Nets purchase and distribute life-saving bed nets with their UN partners.

Nothing But Nets is a global grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funding to fight malaria, a leading cause of death among children in Africa.