MLS Unites to Inspire Kids

MLS clubs, coaches and players are joining together to provide support and highlight the important messages during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As we look to flatten the curve and stop the spread, kids are stuck at home, adding extra challenges for parents. MLS Unites is here to help, with clubs doing their bit to keep kids entertained, healthy and their minds stimulated. Here's everything that's going on around the league as MLS Unites ... to Inspire Kids.

Fun and Learning for Kids at Home

From crossword puzzles to coloring and everything in between, MLS Clubs are offering up a variety of fun activities.

Keeping Kids Healthy

Get expert advice on how to keep your kids healthy, in both body and mind.

Soccer Skills and Drills

If you have a child who's struggling without soccer practice or simply being unable to kick a ball around with friends, fear not: we've got you covered.