MLS Unites to Discover New Talents


With much of the United States and Canada confined to their homes as we look to stop the spread of the coronavirus, many of us have been using the time to try, or perfect, a new skill — be it crafting a new recipe, studying a new topic or getting the ball out to learn a new trick. And soccer players are no different. As part of MLS Unites, this week we’ll be showcasing how the league, its clubs, players and coaches are joining with and helping all of us to Discover New.

Discovering New Talents

From cooking to painting, the players and coaches of MLS are broadening their horizons and making the most of some rare time off from the training and playing field.

Home Learning

The lack of a classroom doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. MLS clubs and players have been helping and inspiring children and adults alike to get studying.

Soccer skills & drills

If you or someone in the house is an active soccer player, there's no reason they can't sharpen those skills during this forced layoff: