MLS Unites for Supporters


Over the next two weeks, MLS Unites will shine a light on the energy and passion of our supporters that inspire us during these uncertain times and drive our return to the field. We’ll highlight the rituals, traditions, personalities and moments from our supporters that make MLS the league for a new North America. From tifos and chants, to stories and profiles, we thank, elevate, and tip our hats to fans across the League as MLS Unites … for Supporters.

Tifos and Supporter Creations

From tifos to chants and plenty in between, our supporters have always found creative ways to express fandom for their favorite team.

Thanking our Supporters

While unable to play in front of them every week, our supporters have not been forgotten.

Supporters in the Community

Whether working on the frontlines or helping their communities, our supporters have been doing their part during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MLS Partners Unite: How MLS sponsors are supporting communities during the coronavirus pandemic