MLS Unites for Fitness and Wellness


We need to stick together during these difficult times. Through MLS Unites, MLS and its clubs are looking to do their part in making a positive impact during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With most of us stuck at home, it can be hard to keep up healthy habits. Teams, players and staffers are here to share some ideas to help fans pull it off ... MLS Unites for Fitness and Wellness:

Soccer skills & drills

If you or someone in the house is an active soccer player, there's no reason they can't sharpen those skills during this forced layoff:

Workouts with players or club trainers

Allow the pros to advise you on the best exercises you can do while in quarantine, including several MLS players:

Healthy Eating

Tasty receipes for fans of all ages and diets:

Mental Health

The body's important. But MLS teams also recognize the toll that the COVID-19 pandemic can take on the mind. Two clubs in particular shared how they're doing it.