MLS Unites to Vote


Your polling place is where you go to vote on Election Day. Changes to polling places are possible due to the coronavirus. Find out where yours is located, its hours, and if you can change your polling place.

SAME DAY VOTER REGISTRATION: 21 states and D.C. allow voters to register and cast a ballot on Election Day - Learn more about same day voter registration.


Two-thirds of states expect you to provide identification to let you vote at the polls. Your state’s laws determine whether you will need to show an ID and if so, what kind.

"Participation in local and national elections is one of the most important responsibilities we have as citizens. Major League Soccer and our players recognize the opportunity we have to leverage our platform to amplify the importance of voting. We hope to inspire MLS fans and the entire soccer community to educate themselves about the voting process, register to vote, and vote on Election Day."

— MLS Commissioner Don Garber