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MLS LIVE 2017 - Streaming MLS games


Celebrate Father's Day for a whole month with every match live or on-demand for 99 cents. Hurry! Offer ends on June 19.

The plan renews at the regular monthly rate of $14.99 after your first month and includes all of the features provided in the Yearly package. You can cancel at anytime.

All-new platform and new features:

  • Improved high-definition video player
  • Improved layout and in-game milestone markers for viewers
  • Updates for MLS app, Apple TV and Roku viewers

2017 Features:

  • Multiple devices: MLS LIVE is available on your computer, Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Roku, Apple TV, and using Google's Chromecast Media Player.
  • Multi-game viewing: watch up to four matches at once using
  • Picture-in-picture: Track a second live match or watch highlight clips while watching a live game on
  • DVR functionality: pause and rewind live games.
  • In-match highlights: real-time highlight clips to help you re-live your favorite moments or catch-up on game.
  • Condensed match replays: watch a game in 20 minutes.
  • Archived matches from 2016.

Hundreds of out-of-market matches

MLS LIVE is the perfect for making every match a national TV game. With MLS LIVE, you can watch hundreds of out-of-market, regionally televised, matches that are not available on our your local channels. It a great way to follow players on your fantasy soccer team or catch the week's most interesting match-ups.

MLS in your pocket, at the office, or on your couch

MLS LIVE is available on your computer, Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Roku, Apple TV, and Google's Chromecast Media Player. Watch multiple matches at once using the "multi-game" feature within the web browser version of MLS LIVE. Or, log into each of your devices to watch different matches simultaneously.

Stay connected: The official MLS app keeps you connected with the latest news, highlights, scores, standings, and analysis all for FREE. Download for iOS (Apple) or Download for Android