MLS Media Access Policy

Media credentials and access will be granted only to individuals with a legitimate working function at a game, training session or event. The bearer must be on a specific assignment. Credentials are non-transferable. Any unauthorized use of a credential subjects bearer to ejection from the stadium. Resale or attempted resale is grounds for seizure and cancellation.
The following actions may result in seizure of credential and/or ejection of its wearer from the stadium or training facility:
  • Requesting autographs at any time.
  • Taking photographs with players/coaches
  • Using credential for family or friends of working media members
  • Conducting unauthorized interviews
  • Unprofessional behavior (Cheering in the press box, consumption of alcoholic beverages, failure to abide by posted rules, etc.)
(non-rights holder media)
Under no circumstances shall any Club and/or its Players discriminate in any fashion against an accredited member of the Media based upon race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or national origin.
Mandatory Player & Coach Availability
All Players and Coaches are required to be physically present and conduct interviews during Media Access Periods.
Except in extreme cases, team meetings, additional training (off-the-field) and medical treatment may not be used as an excuse to avoid or delay interviews and the Media Access Period.
Please see below for Permitted Exceptions:
  • Concussion/Serious Injury
Players who have sustained a concussion or other serious injury (e.g., an injury that causes the Player to be substituted out) during a game or practice will be exempt from any post-game/practice Media Access Period. For the avoidance of doubt, Player health and safety shall take priority over Media Access.
  • Medical Treatment
Players who must remain in the medical treatment room for “hands-on” treatment by a trainer/doctor for any portion of the post-game or post-practice Media Access Period must make themselves available as soon as possible upon conclusion of such treatment. Icing and heating is not considered “hands-on” treatment.
If such “hands-on” treatment takes longer than 30 minutes the Club shall make appropriate arrangements for the Player to meet the Media post-treatment.
  • Lack of Media Interest
If after five minutes has elapsed during any Media Access Period and there is no specific interest in a particular Player, the Club may excuse such Player.
If a Media member would subsequently like to speak to the excused Player during the Media Access Period, the Club must accommodate the request expeditiously.
Technical Directors / General Managers
Technical Directors and General Managers must be available for reasonable interview requests by Rights Holders and General Media including for weekly feature content.
Media Access Periods for General Media
Practices & Non-Game Days
Clubs must provide a Media Access Period at all team practices in accordance with the following parameters:
  • All practice sessions will have a minimum 15-minute “open” window during practice, either at the start of practice or at the end of practice, for filming/content capture that is open to all Rights Holders and General Media.
  • Clubs will make all Players and Coaches available for interviews for 15 minutes. This 15-minute interview period begins when practice ends, unless the Club’s Coaches identify a technical or competitive reason mandating that the interview period occur before practice. This interview period must be open to all Rights Holders and General Media, and must be contiguous with the open portion of practice (i.e., either prior to commencement of open portion at the start of practice or immediately after conclusion of the open portion of practice).
  • All interviews will be conducted in an area designated by the Club.
  • All Players and Coaches must be physically present and are required to conduct interviews during the Media Access Period.
  • Routine medical treatment or off-field training post-practice may not be an excuse to delay or avoid interviews. ***Please see Permitted Exceptions.
All Players and Coaches must be available to Rights Holders and General Media for taped or live interviews during a 30-minute Media Access Period that concludes 60 minutes before kickoff. As is reasonably practical under the circumstances, the Club will make reasonable efforts to provide Players with advance notice of an interview request. Interviews will be limited to a maximum three minutes per Player, and shall be conducted in a designated area outside of the locker room.
For example, the pregame Media Access Period for a game kicking off at 7 p.m. is from 5:30 – 6:00 p.m. Pregame Media Access Period for a game kicking off at 5 p.m. is from 3:30 – 4:00 p.m.
All Players and Coaches must be available to Rights Holders and General Media for taped or live interviews during a minimum 30-minute Media Access Period after the locker room is open (i.e., immediately after 15-minute “cool-down” period).