2012 MLS SuperDraft

First Round

Pick Club Player Note
1 MTL Andrew Wenger (Duke) Position: D/F
WATCH: Wenger in action
WATCH: Wenger on joining Montreal
2 VAN Darren Mattocks (Akron) Position: F
WATCH: Mattocks in action
WATCH: Mattocks on joining Vancouver
3 NE Kelyn Rowe (UCLA) Position: M
WATCH: Rowe in action
4 TOR Luis Silva (UC Santa Barbara) Position: M
WATCH: Silva in action
WATCH: Silva on joining Toronto
5 CHV Casey Townsend (Maryland) Position: F
WATCH: Townsend in action
WATCH: Townsend on joining Chivas
6 SJ Sam Garza (UC Santa Barbara) Position: F
WATCH: Garza in action
WATCH: Garza on joining San Jose
7 DC Nick DeLeon (Louisville) Position: M
WATCH: DeLeon in action
WATCH: DeLeon on joining D.C.
8 POR Andrew Jean-Baptiste (Connecticut) Position: D
WATCH: Jean-Baptiste in action
WATCH: Jean-Baptiste on joining Portland
9 CHI Austin Berry (Louisville) Position: D
WATCH: Berry in action
WATCH: Berry on joining Chicago
10 CLB Ethan Finlay (Creighton) Position: F
WATCH: Finlay in action
WATCH: Finlay on joining Columbus
11 DAL Matt Hedges (North Carolina) Position: D
WATCH: Hedges in action
WATCH: Hedges on joining FCD
12 TOR 1 Aaron Maund (Notre Dame) Position: D
WATCH: Maund in action
13 PHI Chandler Hoffman (UCLA) Position: F
WATCH: Hoffman in action
WATCH: Hoffman on joining Philadelphia
14 COL Tony Cascio (Connecticut) Position: M
WATCH: Cascio in action
WATCH: Cascio on joining Colorado
15 SEA Andrew Duran (Creighton) Position: D
WATCH: Duran in action
WATCH: Duran on joining Seattle
16 SEA Dom Dwyer (South Florida) Position: F
WATCH: Dwyer in action
WATCH: Dwyer on joining Sporting
17 RSL Enzo Martinez (North Carolina) Position: M
WATCH: Martinez in action
WATCH: Martinez on joining RSL
18 HOU Colin Rolfe (Louisville) Position: F
WATCH: Rolfe in action
19 LA Tommy Meyer (Indiana) Position: D
WATCH: Meyer in action

Second Round

Pick Club Player Note
20 MTL Calum Mallace (Marquette) Position: M
WATCH: Mallace in action
21 VAN Chris Estridge (Indiana) Position: D
WATCH: Estridge in action
22 NE Tyler Polak (Creighton) Position: D
WATCH: Polak in action
WATCH: Polak on joining New England
23 CHI2 Lucky Mkosana (Dartmouth) Position: F
WATCH: Mkosana in action
24 RSL3 Diogo de Almeida (SMU) Position: D
WATCH: Almeida in action
25 SJ Jacob Hustedt (Washington) Position: M
26 CLB4 Aubrey Perry (South Florida) Position: D
WATCH: Perry in action
27 POR Brendan King (Notre Dame) Position: M
WATCH: King in action
28 CHI Hunter Jumper (Virginia) Position: D
WATCH: Jumper in action
29 CLB Kevan George (Central Florida) Position: M
WATCH: George in action
30 SEA5 Cyprian Hedrik (Coastal Carolina) Position: M
31 NY Ryan Meara (Fordham) Position: G
WATCH: Meara in action
32 PHI Greg Jordan (Creighton) Position: M
WATCH: Jordan in action
33 SJ Chris Blais (South Florida) Position: G
34 SEA Babayele Sodade (UAB) Position: F
WATCH: Sodade in action
35 PHI6 Raymon Gaddis (West Virginia) Position: D
WATCH: Gaddis in action
WATCH: Gaddis on joining Philadelphia
36 RSL Sebastian Velasquez (Spartanburg Methodist) Position: M
37 HOU Warren Creavalle (Central Florida) Position: M
WATCH: Creavalle in action
38 LA Kenney Walker (Louisville) Position: M
WATCH: Walker in action

1 - from New York
2 - from Toronto
3 - from Chivas USA
4 - from D.C.
5 - from Dallas
6 - from Sporting KC


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