FC Dallas 2008

8 W, 10 L, 12 T

5th, Western Conference

Team Leaders
Kenny Cooper, 18 G
Andre Rocha, 8 A
Dario Sala, 1.32 GAA
Dario Sala, 92 SVS

Complete 2008 stats

Steve Morrow, Marco Ferruzzi, Schellas Hyndman

Pizza Hut Park

FC Dallas struggled from the very beginning of the 2008 season, which led to the firing of head coach Steve Morrow. They slipped to the bottom of the Western Conference amid a dreadful run which they failed to recover from. Dallas won just three of their first 10 games, and a similarly bad end to the season left them in fourth spot and out of the playoffs come November time.

The club hired longtime Southern Methodist University head coach Schellas Hyndman to replace Morrow, and the new coach brought new life and enthusiasm to the roster. Hyndman transformed Dallas into a blue-collar styled side and they became extremely hard to beat, losing just 5 times in his first 17 games in charge. They however missed the playoffs and finished fifth in the West, compiling a record of 8-10-12.

Kenny Cooper was without doubt the man of the year, scoring 18 times and was named an MLS All-Star, a place in the Best XI and named the MLS Comeback Player of the Year. He became a firm fans favorite after recovering from a fractured right tibia in 2007 which kept him out of the majority of the campaign. Pablo Ricchetti won the defender of the year award, as Hydnman transformed Dallas into the seventh best defense in the MLS.

Off the field, in January 2008 FC Dallas was recognized as the 2007 Frisco Business of the Year, taking the top honor at the 24th Annual Frisco Chamber of Commerce Banquet Awards. Out of 1,300 businesses that qualified for the honor, 100 were nominated and presented in front of a nomination committee. Only four finalists were selected from the nominees, and the Frisco business leaders selection committee awarded FCD the winner.

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