Nicaragua National Team Roster | Gold Cup

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Goalkeepers (3)
GK Justo Lorente (UNAN FC / NCA)
GK Henry Maradiaga (Real Estelí FC / NCA)
GK Diedrich Tèllez (Diriangen FC / NCA)
Defenders (8)
D Luis Copete (Comerciantes Unidos / PER)
D Cyril Errington (Real Estelí FC / NCA)
D Oscar Lòpez (Managua FC / NCA)
D Henry Niño (Jaco Rays FC / CRC)
D Josue Quijano (Real Estelí FC / NCA)
D Manuel Rosas (Real Estelí FC / NCA)
D Erick Tellez (Diriangen FC / NCA)
D Bismarck Vèliz (Chinandega FC / NCA)
Midfielders (8)
M Daniel Cadena (Njarðvíkur / ISL)
M Elvis Figueroa (Real Estelí FC / NCA)
M Luis Galeano (Real Estelí FC / NCA)
M Bryan Garcia (Real Estelí FC / NCA)
M Marlon Lòpez (Real Estelí FC / NCA)
M Maykel Montiel (UNAN FC / NCA)
M Bismarck Montiel (Managua FC / NCA)
M Luis Peralta (CD Walter Ferretti / NCA)
Forwards (4)
F Juan Barrera (Comunicaciones FC / GUA)
F Carlos Chavarria (Real Estelí FC / NCA)
F Jorge Hurtado (CD Walter Ferretti / NCA)
F Eulises Pavon (CD Suchitepéquez / GUA)

Preliminary Roster & Roster Changes

The following players made the preliminary roster but were not in the final 23-man selection.

  • Goalkeepers: Brando Mayorga (Diriangen FC / NCA)
  • Defenders: Oscar Acevedo (Real Estelí FC / NCA), Jason Casco (Real Estelí FC / NCA)
  • Midfielders: Agenor Baez (CD Sébaco / NCA), Jonathan Moncada (Real Estelí FC / NCA)
  • Forwards: Luis Camilo (Juventus FC / NCA), Daniel Reyes (UNAN FC / NCA)

As in past years, teams that qualify for the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup will be allowed to change their 23-player roster following the group stage by replacing up to six players with players from their 40-man preliminary roster.