The genius of Chelis: Chivas USA coach on feces and fresh air

When José Luis Sánchez Solá speaks, you better be ready to listen. One lapse in concentration and you might miss a gem, the kind of quote reporters wait years for while muddling through coach speak and cliche-ridden commentary.

"Chelís," as Sánchez Solá is better known, has already compared his team to a fruit salad. He's likened team chemistry to a busy bee hive. The best yet may have come Sunday after his much-maligned Chivas USA side knocked off FC Dallas, 3-1, at the Home Depot Center.

Special thanks to's Zac Lee Rigg for transcribing the full press conference, which really is a must read.

Asked about Giovani Casillas' goal and inspired substitute appearance, Chelis came up with the kind of analogy that's made Chivas USA a team even casual observers can't help but follow.

"Football rewards you. If you go into a match and you grind and grind and grind for the good of the team, at the end, it rewards you," Chelís said, before really rounding into form. "In a barrel of feces, you're grinding and grinding, you finally poke your head up to get the fresh air."

Well, that's quite the image.

Keep the quotable gold coming, Chelís. I can't be the only one on the edge of my seat, waiting for what you'll say next.

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