Fantasy: How to invest $100m, successfully

Last month, I wrote about how defenders are the most consistent scorers in Fantasy Soccer: Manager. Even though they’ll score points for you more regularly (on average) than others, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the most influential in your team's success. The table below shows the number of point leaders by position, with only the highest scoring player from each MLS team being selected. The table does not include stats from Wednesday night's games.

Point leaders by position (limit one player per team)

Goalkeepers – 6

Defenders – 4

Midfielders – 4

Forwards – 6

*New England credited with both a GK and a defender as point leaders due to a tie

As you can see from the table above, 71 players have scored 30 points or more so far this season – but only 25 players have scored 40 points or more. Also to note, Chicago are the only team without a 30-plus point-scorer and there are still 10 teams without a 40-plus point-scorer as well.

Stacking up on players from certain teams may seem like the best option. Sporting KC get shutouts and they score as well, so pick your poison. D.C. United are great at scoring, so load up on their midfielders and forwards. And Vancouver get clean sheets, so stock up on their defenders.

Now, if we take a point leader from every team can we still manage to keep it under the salary cap? And if so, how successful can they be? Let’s try.

GK – Matt Pickens - $6.0m

D – Lee Young-Pyo - $6.8m

D – Aurelien Collin - $7.5m

D – A.J. Soares - $6.5m

M – Landon Donovan - $10.4m

M – Nick DeLeon - $6.7m

M – Kyle Beckerman - $8.5m

M – Gabriel Gómez - $7.5m

F – Thierry Henry - $10.8m

F – Chris Wondolowski $11.7m

F – Blas Pérez $9.6m

Total Money Spent – $92.0m

Total Points Accumulated – 533

Now, this is a dream team! Sure $8M doesn't leave you enough for subs, but tweak your lineup slightly and you can make it work. And with 533 points, not only will you most likely be first place in your league, you’d be tied for seventh in the nation in total points as well.

It just goes to show that no matter what you decide to do – stack up on players from a few teams or spread it out around league – there’s more than just one way to be successful in Fantasy Soccer: Manager.

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