Red-and-White Monday: Big time

I don't know if you've heard, but there's a big soccer game this week.

Two of the biggest clubs will take part in an epic clash to determine who is the best team in all of the land.

That's right, first-place Chivas USA takes on second-place Chicago Fire this Thursday night at The Home Depot Center.

Oh, you thought I was talking about that other game, between Manchester United and Barcelona? That'll be fun too, I guess.

Here's a bold prediction for you: Wednesday's Champions League Final will mirror Thursday's East vs. West MLS battle. If Barcelona wins on Wednesday, then Chivas USA will win Thursday. It's just a feeling I have.

However, if Manchester United takes the cup, then I think Chivas USA will win on Thursday night. Again, just a gut feeling.

On to the awards!


Where we remember that Chivas USA plays in Tinseltown's backyard.

Best Actor (the Man of the Match): Eduardo Lillingston
Lillingston again leaves me with no choice for Best Actor this week. He subs into the game, and then scores. You've earned it again, Eduardo! Man of the Match.

Plus, he's just about the most photogenic person on the team, and with his new haircut he looks like Derek Zoolander. Every picture that shows up on the website of this guy has him flashing a little "Blue Steel" or "Le Tigre" at the camera. He should dabble in modeling, and then use some free time to teach forwards how to score at a "Center for Strikers Who Can't Score Goals Good and Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too."

Best Supporting Actor (the guy you might not have noticed): Marino Trujillo
Where the heck did we get this guy? He's been one of our best players so far in 2009, and proved it again on Saturday by completely shutting Josh Wolff down. Wolff was so frustrated that he attempted to snuggle with Mariano in the 68th minute (I can't really call it a head-butt) and earned himself a red card.

Trujillo is like one of those acid-spitting dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. He's short and may not look like much, but he's everywhere once the whistle blows. He's a Trujillosaurus Rex.

The Villain (what we love to hate): Kevin Hartman
There are some people in this country who complain that there aren't enough goals in soccer to make it interesting, and Kevin Hartman isn't helping that perception. We should have scored about nine on him, and instead he blocked everything. It was mean.

Oscar Moment (what you'll remember from this game): Sasha Victorine's Assist
Since the Red-and-White picked this guy up in a trade with Kansas City on deadline day last season, he's played against the Wizards twice and now has a goal and two assists in those two games. That's payback. He's getting his revenge like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, and is doing it without the samurai swords.

Where we make an early prediction of what next week's rankings will look like

1) Chivas USA Let's all congratulate the league for working together to bring a team within six points of the Red-and-White.

14) (TIE) Colorado, Columbus, Dallas, D.C., Houston, Kansas City, LA, New England, New York, Real Salt Lake, San Jose, Seattle, Toronto. Someday you'll be cool.

15) Chicago No losses yet this season? That's perfect. It will make beating the Fire on Thursday that much sweeter.

Get your ticket to watch the destruction! 1-877-CHIVAS-1 or Chivas USA Ticket Center.

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