Quotes: CLB 4, NE 0



On the game:
"Our goal going into the game tonight and out mantra these last two days has been to get into the game, make it a 90-minute game and don't let New England off the hook; they are a tired team, don't let them play a 45-minute game. We stepped on the gas peddle right away. We were fortunate a bit that we got to play a tired team. We've allowed one goal in the last three games. That is something we talked about; in the last 10 games of the season we wanted to get our goals against average per game under one and they're starting to achieve that. Our team right now is confident, they are playing well, and their understanding is good."

On his team looking too far down the road:
"I think we can start talking about and thinking about it now, that we want to win the league. We want to win the Eastern Conference. It's not so much the playoffs now, we have a chance to maybe do more now; maybe even want to grab hold of that thing called the Supporters' Shield. If we think we're here, if we pat ourselves on the back, we're not going to do it, so we have to keep our feet on the ground and continue to do what we do which is work hard and have everyone fight for each other."


On the atmosphere in Crew Stadium:
"The crowd was amazing, it was electric. They are in tune with the game, and they were loud. Like we've said all year, this crowd has definitely played a huge role in our success this season. They've [the supporters] really taken on that corner and made it their own and made a good statement to other teams in the league that Columbus is going to be a tough place to come in and play, and we're proud of that."


On the play of Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Pat Noonan on his two goals:
"He's [Guillermo Barros Schelotto] not even looking at my direction, but I know that if I make the run, he'll get the ball there. I'm making blind runs all the time; and he will find you, that's the key, just make the runs and he will find you. And with Pat Noonan it's the same thing; nobody thought he was going to play that ball through, but I knew if I made a run, those guys are so good at playing the ball through that it worked, so it was good."


On the team's relaxed attitude:
"We knew that if we lose, we're one point behind in second place, and if we win, its five points and now the gap starts to open up, so I honestly think the pressure is off us. We knew that they'd be tired, and that if we stepped on them early that they would tire. Luckily, we got the early goals, which gave us a little bit of a cushion and then they tired to the end."


On his team's current form:
"One thing we have to do is understand where we are. When you can't run, you can't compete and at the present time, we can't run. We can't close the ball and when we do get it, we can't go past people. When you go to make challenges, you're a half-yard short. It's an impossible task. They played well, give them the jury - they closed us down real quick, made some chances -- but as I said, if you can't run, you can't compete, and we can't compete at the present time."

On the possibility of his team losing confidence:
"The only problem with that is with the young guys, the old heads will understand the situation, but it's tough on the young guys. You always have a tough time at some stage of the season and we're getting it now. They have to realize what it's all about. This is when they really learn to keep their confidence and myself, the staff and the older guys have to help them as well."


On getting the start tonight:
"Obviously, it wasn't the result I would have liked. It was a tough game; No. 1 vs. No. 2, and it was a battle out there. Wells Thompson came up sick last minute, so I got the opportunity and tried to make the most of it."

On the team's outlook going forward:
"4-0 is unacceptable, we know better than that. We just have to get back to practice, battle and get after it. Day in and day out we've had a rough couple weeks but that's not really an excuse anymore, I think we've just got to get back to what we've been doing to that's made us so successful in the early part of the season."


On the team possibly losing confidence:
"Our confidence is still sky high, we just have to look at ourselves in the mirror and take a gut-check. I think we're only five points out of it and we know there are seven or eight games left. We can still make a run. As I said, we're not far away from the top, we just have to put this one behind us and look forward to the next one."

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