The Clean Sheet: Shelling it out

anyone else still do that?) now has a player that when on form, is a handful to say the least. And he is the kind of sniffer that can make his mark in this league's style of play.

If he and Jozy the Kid get a little understanding going up top, yikes.

And if Claudio Reyna can stay healthy, then ... OK, now I'm just talking crazy.

But it is far more than Angel that has me excited this week, as we also saw the additions of names like Guillermo Barros Schelotto, who I still can't believe will be playing in Columbus, Ohio now.

Heck, I'm even intrigued by Toronto's pickup of Danny Dichio. Who knows what he has in the tank or if he can play at the MLS level, but I will tune in to find out.

As for the Zidane rumors, sorry e-mailers, I hear the same things everyone does. What I do know is that AEG is intrigued by the "cranial abuser," as my brother recently called him.

What I don't know is whether financial terms are remotely realistic between the two sides. Last I heard, they decidedly were not, but as we all know, that can change overnight, and very well might have by now.

But the bottom line is the MLS bottom line will only be helped by the infusion of players who will directly get people to the shiny new stadiums or to set that TiVo.


• You know I am all about cheering against the pathetic Fire, so not that any additional fuel is necessary, but Houston Dynamo are certainly providing it for their April 29 game against Chicago. Eight bucks from every ticket sold for this game will go to benefit a Virginia Tech University memorial fund after the horrific tragedy in Blacksburg this week. Houston will wear special jerseys in Hokie colors and will auction them off. Outstanding.

• And while we're on the subject of people leaving us senselessly too early, there is a nice event this weekend in New Jersey to honor former Galaxy president and general manager Doug Hamilton at the Rutgers-St. John's soccer game.

• MLS All-Star Game halftime show. One word: Sanjaya.

• Some backroom machinations over at Arsenal are starting to look like Mile High Club owner Stan Kroenke could end up with an even bigger share of the team than he already snatched up. This is getting fun ...

• I'm still a bit hesitant about the whole Thursday night national TV game thing, but last night's Crew-Revs affair was a cracker from the start. Two early goals and a nasty Andy Herron elbow got things started in the first half, and those who saw the entire game were rewarded by a last-ditch Columbus equalizer after some great work from 46-year-old Frankie HEY!DUCK!.

• Speaking of, what do we think about this three-man booth with Rob Stone, Waldo and Tommy Onion Bag?

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