Skill Shack | eMLS 2019 Player

Vancouver Whitecaps

Skill Shack

Erfan Hosseini

Vancouver, Canada

Erfan was born in Shiraz, Iran but moved to Vancouver when he was 8 years old. He loved soccer and used to be a goalkeeper but stopped playing soccer because other kids grew and he did not. He decided he could no longer could play goalkeeper and so dropped real-life soccer for FIFA. The first FIFA he played was FIFA 15 and right away he fell in love. Eventually, Erfan's competitive side took over and he started trying to improve more and more by learning skills and game mechanics so that he could manipulate them. Once local tournaments started popping up, Erfan decided to compete in them and won most which made him realize he may be decent at the game. Now Erfan is trying to improve to the point where he could qualify for and win some major events.