Community Guidelines Community Guidelines

In certain areas of our Web Site, you are invited to interact with other users, post comments and submit materials. We encourage you to do so safely and wisely, so that our Web Site is a place where everyone is respected.

For more information about all of the things you can and cannot do while you are using or participating in the community areas of our Web Site, please read these Guidelines, as well as our Web Site Terms of Use, which also governs your access and use of the Web Site generally.

  • The comments you post to the Web Site may become publicly available.  A blog, for example, is forever, and posts to a blog may be recorded and stored in multiple places. Your submissions are likely to be accessible for a long time and you don’t know who will read them eventually. You should therefore be careful and selective about what you say and the personal information you disclose about yourself and others.
  • Please do not impersonate or pretend you are any other person or entity.
  • Please refrain from posting any material that is obscene, false, misleading, defamatory, harassing to another person or entity, abusive or hateful, or that violates anyone’s intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights. Do not behave abusively to other posters in any way.
  • Do not post sexually explicit material.
  • You should keep the information you want to stay private out of your profile and postings to our Web Site. That likely will include your phone number, e-mail address, instant-messaging names, and your physical address (and any other contact information). In general, it's a good idea not to give someone enough information to figure out where you live, or provide information that would allow someone to identify you in real life, or steal your identity.

Users who engage in abusive behavior or otherwise violate these Guidelines or any other rules to which they are subject, are subject to discipline, and may be punished in a variety of ways up to and including termination of your Web Site access and usage rights. 

We may remove comments or other materials submitted to the Web Site at any time. MLS reserves the right to remove posts or submissions, in whole or in part, from any part of our Web Site if we determine that the content is objectionable for some reason.  

Last Updated: March 25, 2010