How it works | Audi Player Index

Overview & 2017 New Components  |  1. Match actions  |  2. Data capture  |  3. Data transfer  |  4. Player Index  |  5. Scoring

Audi enters a new era of data-based performance analysis in soccer with the Audi Player Index. The performance index condenses a wide range of individual actions by a player into a single score. As a result, the Audi-developed analytical model allows performance to be evaluated, with players then ranked accordingly, almost in real time.

MATCH ACTIONS: The individual actions captured are divided into 88 different categories and evaluated according to three different criteria:

  • Players position in the system of play
  • Location of the event on the field of play
  • Match-specific importance of the action


  • Up to 2,000 relevant actions per match are captured live
  • Values collected are converted into data feeds
  • These feeds are supplied to Audi as a pure data record


  • Near real time conversion of the data feed into a predefined score system
  • Every player/team then receives a corresponding score
  • Near real time actions flow into the Audi Player Index with a matter of seconds
  • The scores are also broken down according to the Audi brand values of technical ability, dynamism, and efficiency.


  • The result can be presented in a wide variety of ways
  • The Audi Player Index is supplied on various channels (app, social media, TV) almost in real time
  • The Audi Player Index therefore also provides scope for watching the match live on a second screen