24 Under 24 - 2015 - Tommy Thompson #23

24 Under 24: #23 Tommy Thompson, San Jose Earthquakes

Tommy Thompson | Midfielder/Forward | San Jose Earthquakes | Age: 20

Last Year in 24 Under 24: n/a

2015 Stats: Matches played: 15 - Goals: 0 - Assists: 0

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The man can dance.

San Jose's Homegrown attacker Tommy Thompson has every on-the-ball trick in the book, and he isn't afraid to use them. That's what has made him a fan favorite in his still-brief professional career. He's willing to try stuff others can't, and when it comes off, it's spectacular.

The problem is that it doesn't come off all that often, and never in front of goal. In slightly more than 1,000 MLS minutes, he has not registered either a goal or an assist. He's started faring better on loan in the USL with the Sacramento Republic, however, and Quakes fans will hope that, come 2016, he's ready to make an impact in San Jose.

What the technical staffers say: "I think he a very technical kid, he’s busy, he’s active, he’s got the ability to get out of tight spots. Other guys, you squeeze them, and you know you're getting the ball back. You don't know that with him.

"There are gonna be some games with a guy like him where it’s gonna be harder on him, where it’s physical and it’s too tight even as good as he is. But given his size, he still manages to handle most of MLS pretty well."

"The final product is still a question mark."

What Opta Sports says: Tommy Thompson became the second youngest player to start an MLS game in Earthquakes club history last season at 19 years, 5 days.

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