24 Under 24 - 2015 - Juan Agudelo #13

24 Under 24: #13 Juan Agudelo, New England Revolution

Juan Agudelo | Forward | New England Revolution | Age: 22

Last Year in 24 Under 24: n/a

2015 Stats: Matches played: 29 - Goals: 6 - Assists: 3

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Who's the most talented player on this list? A number of folks who voted – and a decent chunk of folks who watch a lot of MLS – will tell you it's Juan Agudelo.

But "most talented" doesn't necessarily equal "best." He's an attacker who can do a little bit of everything, and a lot of important things, but far too often he doesn't do enough of any of them. Through injury and underperformance, he's been relegated to a backup role for the Revs; six seasons into his pro career, it's fair to ask if he'll ever match production to potential on a weekly basis.

If he does? That'll be when he shoots to the top of this list, and probably to the top of the goalscoring charts as well. But until then, the talk surrounding Agudelo focuses on what he might do, not what he is doing.

What the technical staffers say: "Juan falls into a unique category. He can frustrate you, because there’s so much potential there that oftentimes, even on his most impressive day, he leaves our imagination wanting. And it’s unfair to him because he’s a good player, but we always want more.

"And he can give more. It’s not that he doesn’t have it – he has flashes that are beyond others, but I just … for me, soccer IQ and consistentcy are a necessity to be included in this group of young players. Juan has all of the ability; I just don’t see the growth."

What Opta Sports says: Juan Agudelo ranks fourth among eligible players this year in career MLS goals scored with 24, despite spending a full season abroad.

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