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As the MLS community continues to express its outrage at the police killing of George Floyd, it’s vital that we center the voices of the Black community, learn about the systemic racism and injustice in the United States and offer our support.

Below are some of the profound words from the league’s Black players who have continued to speak out amid ongoing nationwide protests, as well as educational resources and actionable ways to support ongoing efforts.



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The MLS community has continued to speak out against racism and social injustice following the murder of George Floyd:

Major League Soccer: June 1, 2020

The entire Major League Soccer family is deeply saddened and horrified by the senseless murder of George Floyd.

We stand united with the black community throughout our country and share in the pain, anger and frustration.

We hear you.

We see you.

We support you.

We are committed to use our voices and the platform of our League, our Clubs and our players to continue to champion equality and social justice.


Justice for George Floyd #peacefulprotest Long post ⚠️ I have been a huge proponent of the #stayhome movement throughout the coronavirus crisis. When having to choose between personal health or protesting injustice, both of which are heavily affecting our community, I (like so many others) ultimately went with my gut. From a health and safety standpoint, I’ll be monitoring any symptoms and getting both PCR & antibody tests done regularly. The reality is our country is fighting multiple issues simultaneously. One being against covid19, another against deeply rooted, toxic racism that has plagued our country for centuries (and yes, both of these issues are intertwined). The truth is, this virus has no sympathy and there are risks with just about every decision in today’s climate. Participating in a peaceful protest, by definition, puts you in a densely populated crowd. There is always a chance that things could move from peaceful to violent. If you choose to take part in these protests, I encourage you to evaluate the risks from all sides. Have a conversation with those that will be affected by your decision. If you live with someone who is high risk, it is best to consult with them, and quite honestly, to not protest in person. In saying that, we all have a choice, a voice, and a platform. As cliche as it sounds: we should all strive to write the right things, say the right things, & do the right things. Especially when times are challenging. On a similar note, looting and vandalizing takes away from the efforts of those protesting for actual change. As Terrence Floyd (George Floyd’s brother) said: “What are y’all doing? You’re doing nothing. That’s not going to bring my brother back...Do this peacefully.” I understand that peace is not always possible, but peace should always be the aim. Today’s ruling in Minnesota was a step in the right direction, and everyone fighting around the world deserves so much credit. While 2020 has been exhausting and demanding, we must continue to fight together. “We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented”. Don’t stop saying his name

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No justice No peace

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